You see Kaelynor the Silent, an Elf.
He has piercing crystal blue eyes set in his chiseled, expressionless face. His thick golden hair cascades loosely over his shoulders, tucked neatly behind his sharply pointed ears. His flawlessly smooth skin is lightly tanned, emphasizing his finely-toned athletic build. Everything about his appearance and bearing speaks of a man completely confident in himself and his skills. He has a tattoo of a ice-covered heart on his chest.
He appears to be in his prime for an Elf, but there is a certain agelessness to his countenance.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a red sash, an oversized gold hoop earring, an ironwood buckler, a leather sheath, a fitted leather vest laced with rawhide, a studded leather collar, a studded leather helm, some side-laced leather armbands, some side-laced leather legwraps and some heavy leather traveling sandals with dull iron clasps.