You see Ferdahl Kukalakai Alec'i'neir, an Elothean.
She has tilted almond-shaped dark eyes. Her red hair is long and fine, and is worn tied back in a simple braid. She has pale skin.
She is neither old nor young, but possesses the wisdom of one and the vigor of the other.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a polished gold diadem set with perfectly cut diamond and citrine stones, a multi-layered silk robe banded with gilded embroidery on its tiered hems, a shimmering silver brocade under-robe woven with iridescent surlae theal'a thread in shifting tones of glimmering apricot to tangerine, a trailing skirt of deep orange banded in heavily stitched silver and a pair of silvery silk slippers laced with a complex wrapping of ribbons.