You see Laeylia Lanythren, a Merelew.
She has dark eyes and a single swath of green hair that grows from the center of her scalp. It is very longfine hair that is loose and pushed to the left side of her head, and metallic grey scales cover her body from head to toe.

She is in good shape.

She is holding some oystershell castanets in her left hand.
She is wearing a flowing silken kerchief, a silken hip pouch, a small jeweled dagger sheath, a gauzy rainbow-hued skirt made of dozens of multicolored veils, some green watersilk slippers tied with cobalt-blue laces, a bright silver hairpin set with a scintillating white opal, a lacy white silk shawl woven with dozens of colorful ribbons, a violet watersilk off-the shoulder blouse tied above the waist, a silver linked belt strung with tiny bells in the shape of sea urchins, some silver bangle bracelets, some beaten silver toe bells and a shimmering multi-stranded silver hip chain