You see Bar Mistress Leonah Lamoure, a Human.
She has crystal green eyes, long curly auburn hair that is tied back, and fair skin.
She is young for a Human.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a stein of Pale Ale in her left hand.
She is wearing some dangling gold earrings, a satin gathering sack, a small oak keg, a set of silver cellar keys strung along a slim ribbon, a filmy skirt of black gauze over green silk set along the hem with tiny beaten gold disks, some forest green silk slippers embroidered with golden thread, a filigreed gold anklet hung with tiny ovals of carnelian, a low-cut snugly-fitted forest green bodice laced with golden ribbons, a fringed gypsy sack and a silver spiral earring set in the center with a carved mountain agate.