You see Coordinator Maerven Pre'hares, a Prydaen.
He has pointed ears and cat-slitted violet eyes. His black mane is long and straight, and is worn loose. He has black fur with a silver belly and a slender tail.
He is young for a Prydaen.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a narrow ebony cane topped with a gracefully crafted silver rosebud in his left hand.
He is wearing an elegant double breasted black tuxedo jacket with tails draping behind, a dark violet vest, a pair of highly polished patent leather shoes, a black satin pouch clasped with sterling silver rosebuds, some black trousers with a narrow strip of black silk running down the side of each leg, a white silk shirt with silver studs, a black bow tie, some grey suede gloves and a silvery-white velvet pouch.