You see Martyr Mirinn Saedelthorp, a Human Empath.
She has a kind face with luminous pale blue eyes. Her long silver hair is braided at the temples then tied back at the nape of neck. She is short for a Human, with a matronly build.
She appears to be middle-aged, though her porcelain skin retains the smoothness of youth.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a gold medallion symbolizing dedication to Hodierna, a small satchel trimmed on the edges with silken cord, a deep blue mage's robe trimmed in silver and embroidered with the Wind Elf glyph for a crashing wave, a pair of soft satin slippers embroidered with a tiny bloom at each toe, a warm lambswool shawl with a heavily knotted fringe and a flowing cotton gown embroidered along the bodice with tiny calla lillies.