You see Misdilev Allvar, an Elf.
He has alert grey eyes set in his leathery, sea-tanned face. A thin white scar -- nearly faded with time -- is discernable slashing from his right temple, crossing the bridge of his nose, and ending at his lower left jawline. He has delicately pointed ears and neatly trimmed silver hair streaked with dark brown strands. A dolphin triskel is tattoo'd the inside of his left wrist. Despite his age, he exudes the grace and confidence of a stalking caracal.
He appears to be old for an Elf.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a leather case tooled with a dolphin triskel, an ankle-length black linen hac inexpertly embroidered around the hem and sleeves with dancing peccaries and war mammoths and some battered leather sandals with frayed straps.