You see Molphant Gawated, a Kaldar.
He has dark eyes. He has cropped dark brown hair and dark skin.
He is middle-aged for a Kaldar.
He has some light stubble on his face.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an azure-scaled poloh'izh hide cloak, a snake charm, a thick black leather satchel secured with a heavy platinum latch, some black winged leather boots inlaid with the image of a dagger in fine gold, some supple sable lambskin dueling pants with golden vipers embroidered along the seams, some somber black robes, a silver ring, a dark spidersilk gem pouch embroidered with the barely-visible image of a crouching panther, an elegant white silk shirt with pleated sleeves and ruffled cuffs, an elaborate wristband comprised of twisted golden chains which are laden with uncut diamonds and a jadeite gwethdesuan.