You see Nynis Goldkeeper, a Human.
She has silver eyes. Her blue-black hair is long and thick, and is worn coiled atop her head in a regal braided coronet. She has fair skin.
She is in her prime for a Human.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a heavy silver goblet in her right hand and a dainty golden silk and ivory folding fan hanging from a slender ribbon in her left.
She is wearing a regal lace ruff edged with seed pearls and spun golden trim, a rose-scented latticework pomander suspended from a braided golden silk cord, an elegant white silk handkerchief embroidered with Nynis Goldkeeper's crest, a slender and elegant pair of long white gloves, a richly embroidered golden damask violin case, a sweeping wine red mantle richly embroidered with gold and trimmed with ermine, a lavish wine red brocade gown with full skirts embroidered in gold with roses on latticework, a sturdy backpack, a jadeite gwethdesuan, an exquisite necklace with a large sun-hued ruby cradled by arches of white diamonds and a slender darkened gold chain bearing a brilliant sun-hued ruby.