You see Alireloa Osylvea Surianis, an Elothean.
She has tilted almond-shaped crystal blue eyes. Her golden hair is shoulder length and fine, and is worn pulled up in a topknot. She has fair skin.
She is one of the Wise for an Elothean.
She is in good shape.

She is holding a goblet of suur wine in her right hand.
She is wearing an enormous dark green bag decorated with fanciful stitched patterns of birds and blooms, a series of tiny lapis and jade flower carvings strung on a bracelet of pure gold, a pair of deep blue slippers, a high-waisted gown of flowing sapphire-colored silk embellished at its hem with colorful embroidery and a dramatically sweeping cloak sewn from flowing lengths of verdant green and placid blue Elothean silk.