You see Honor Guard Sybina Darsas, a Kaldaran Barbarian.
She has steely grey eyes, long thick auburn hair braided with steelsilk ribbon and bronzed skin. She is tall, even for a Kaldar, and well muscled.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing some snug black suede boots with silver-inlaid high heels, a silvery white steelsilk swordsman's cloak, an animite ring bearing the crest of the Principality of Zoluren, some flowing black silk trousers gathered snugly at the ankles with silver-belled laces, a crystal-beaded scarf of charcoal silk that drapes elegantly around the neck, a glittering steelsilk tunic trimmed in silver-spiked black leather, a supple black leucro hide scabbard set with a gleaming silver fang, a tasseled leather waterskin and a circular bronze horse pin edged with delicate copper bells.