You see Outrider Tiranasa Quil'altre, an Elven Ranger.
She has pointed ears and crystal green eyes. Her auburn hair is very long and straight, and is worn tied back. She has fair skin.
She is matronly for an Elf.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a reinforced osage Elven war bow hand-tooled with an undulating wave pattern, a twilight sapphire and silver pendant, a moonspun ruby and silver ring, a winter emerald and silver ring, a massive black Imperial war shield, a roughened leather halberd harness, a horned great helm made of blue Adan'f scales, some dark gauntlets engraved with the symbol of Damaris, a polished chain hauberk set with a blue Adan'f scale breastplate, a damascened steel greatsword scabbard with a sinuous silver wingless dragon wrapped down its length and a rugged leather rucksack.