You see Vexla Shea'pah, Disciple of the Art of Marking, an Elothean.
She has waist length jet black hair that is loose, silvery-blue eyes, and pale skin.
She is in her prime for an Elothean.

Vexla's entire body is nearly covered in tattoos, intertwining and cascading across one another. Most are barely recognizable beyond their fantastical and stunning display of color and form. However, you can make out a few distinct designs. Wrapping around her left eye is the image of a cresting wave in shades of vibrant blue. Inked night-shade blossoms cascade down her neck from her right ear to her collar bone. Stylized whorls twine around her fingers and flow up and around her forearms. A narrow latticework circlet is inked in red around her right thigh. Across her upper back and shoulder blades is a detailed rendition of a dragon in flight, its scales glittering a brilliant emerald on her pale skin.

She is wearing a low cut black leather bodice tied with crimson rawhide, an ebony thigh-length leather skirt, a belled silver anklet and a narrow leather pouch embossed with a stylized image of a single eye.