You see Tower Guard Yoneimo Kirava, an Elothean.
He has an angular face with tilted almond-shaped blue eyes. His platinum hair is short and straight, and is worn pulled back in a ponytail. He has fair skin and a lean build.
He is tall for an Elothean.
He is fairly young for an Elothean.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a silver kyanite gwethdesuan, a black leather split-strap sword belt with silver inlays, a crisp violet silk jacket embroidered with a faint pattern of dark lotus blossoms and cinched with a precisely knotted sash, a square-cut tunic of inky black Elothean silk, a pair of flowing black pants neatly fitted below the knee and a pair of black leather boots.