You see Captain Zoryl Baxtton of the Zoluren Navy, a Human.
He has silver eyes. His amber hair is short and thick, and is worn tied back. He has copper skin.
He is middle-aged for a Human.
He has a short bristly mustache on his upper lip and a short prickly beard.
He has faint scuffing to the skin.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a carved whale-bone walking cane in his right hand and a mug of dark ale in his left.
He is wearing some polished black leather thigh-boots adorned with large brass buckles, a blue sash, a brass lined jewel-encrusted sheath, some midnight-blue canvas trousers lined with gold braiding, a silvery grey ruffled shirt clasped with brass cufflinks, a jadeite gwethdesuan and a kyanite gwethdesuan.