Wanted: Logs!

Without logs, this website would be impossible. For every log of an event that I have, I feel like I'm missing at least a dozen--freestanding merchants, events from before my time in whichever game, events I was not aware of. If you have logs, keep logs, or know of someone who does, please, please, send me copies. I don't publish or pass around any that I've not gotten permission for, and I never will. Please help fill in the gaps!


These are just events I am either missing entirely, or missing large sections of. I will never turn down logs for any event--even if I have the entire event reconstructed, I invariably find that little flavor script, or missing look, or something that will add to the website. So please, send me anything you have. And at the next event, remember to log, and send me a copy.

Send me logs!

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