Ale's Well That Ends Well
On the ironwood counter
a creamy cheese tart
a lemon-creme tart
a chargrilled rat-kebab
a snifter of murky liqueur
a glass of nutty ale
a flour-dusted hard roll
a deep-fried burrower larva
a bowl of stewed viper meat
some sugary fried bread
a bag of zucchini fritters
a tent-shaped gooseberry lollipop
a bag of buttery popcorn
a bread bowl of meaty stew
a cup of fruity punch
a stick of toasted marshmallows
Cefrit of Odcoru
On the long shelf
an eel skin mask
some sluagh hide leathers
some studded leather gloves
On the narrow table
some lunated plate
some goffered plate
some burnished half plate
some malleated gauntlets
On the sturdy rack
some asteriated chain mail
some chamfered chain
On the wooden trellis
a malleated bronze hauberk
an imbricated chain shirt
a chain balaclava
some imbricated mail gloves
an imbricated chain hood
Chizili's Charms
In the jewelry box
a simple pewter charm bracelet
a copper rope charm bracelet
a wide platinum charm bracelet
a twisted brass charm bracelet
a heavy silver charm bracelet
a gold filigree charm bracelet
In the crystal coffer
a tiny crystal lens charm
a silver Empath charm
a sparkling gold sunburst charm
an azurite Thief charm
a tiny gold arrow charm
a skeletal asketine-veined leaf charm
an indakar-eyed cat charm
In the empath charm case
a gnarled amber cebi root charm
a dainty silver plovik leaf charm
a delicate gold ring charm
an open golden hand charm
an amethyst jadice flower charm
a polished jade riolur leaf charm
a faceted ruby heart charm
In the trader charm case
an opal mule charm
a gilded crate charm
a gold-etched contract charm
a tiny silver caravan charm
a silver-edged lirum charm
a gold-swirled kronar charm
a copper-edged dokora charm
In the warrior charm case
a menacing adan'f mage charm
a dark grey rock troll charm
an amber cougar charm
an emerald wood troll charm
a bronze breastplate charm
a silver broadsword charm
a gold and ruby falchion charm
a platinum shield charm
In the bardic charm case
a porcelain song scroll charm
a carved jasper wren charm
a tiny ruby phoenix charm
a painted wood drum charm
a crystal fife charm
a silver lute charm
a gold-stringed harp charm
In the fae charm case
a driftwood nixie charm
a jasper selkie charm
a turquoise nyad charm
a silver welkin charm
a gold enameled fire sprite charm
an oak dryad charm
a painted wood mermaid charm
In the survival charm case
a fragile glass dolphin charm
a fuzzy brown skin charm
a carved ivory rope charm
a silver lock charm
a bronze bolt charm
a silver arrow charm
an ironwood crossbow charm
an ebony longbow charm
a tin-plated lockpick charm
Feleah's Family Crafts
On the well-crafted table
a small silver hair barrette adorned with colorful silk rosettes
a silver paw-shaped amulet
a blue-green sea glass earring
a wooden ring carved in the shape of a curled mouse
a wooden tailband carved in the shape of a curled rat
a dark velvet pouch embroidered with black thread
a small leather sheath burned with the image of a triangle within a circle
a deep black velvet cloak embroidered with an elaborate white tiger
a braided trophy belt strung with various rodent skulls
a leather weapon harness draped with cured rodent tails
a slender toe ring cradling identically carved amethyst and jade stones
a roughly braided multicolored bracelet
a creamy white dress with intricate floral shadow embroidery
a soft brown felt mouse doll
On the well-crafted stool
a well-crafted beribboned tambourine painted with the image of a Prydaen hub
a carved mouse-shaped ocarina
Festival Armory
On the armor stand
an emblazoned tower shield adorned with the silhouette of a dragon
some golden augmented mail edged with silvery links
some gleaming silver-white plate etched with the proud visage of a mighty lion
a silver gilt hauberk embellished with golden armguards
a sturdy weapon harness studded with small tarnished silver spikes
On the writing desk
some rugged leather steel-toed boots
a ruddy brown tabard embroidered with a snarling wolverine
a forest green tabard embroidered with a crouching mountain lion
a royal blue tabard embroidered with a golden lion
a dark silk-edged tabard embroidered with twin crossed swords
a leather-edged tunic
a long battle-torn cloak embroidered with a snarling cyclops
On the weapon rack
a horseman's mace with an intricately carved ironwood haft
a lightened battle axe with an intricately etched blade
a gleaming longsword with a nacre-inlaid gold hilt
an ivory-hilted claymore adorned with scrimshaw
a soldier's siege arbalest with a polished obsidian boltplate
Fiery Souls
A flame-patterned sign reads:
"The weapons on the rack are specially forged so that they can only be handled by Barbarians, anyone without natural inner fire will not be able to handle them under any circumstances. You don't get a refund if you're stupid enough to try to hand it off to someone who ain't a Barb and you lose it. Don't ask me how I forged them, because I ain't gonna tell you no matter how many plats you offer."
On the secured rack
a steel warrior's broadsword with a stained leather-wrapped hilt
a heavy warrior's hurling axe
a light damascene steel throwing axe
a thin steel katar with a viper fang hilt
a small throwing mallet with a fist-shaped iron head
a blackened steel-capped ironwood staff
a heavy steel flail with a leather-wrapped ironwood haft
a spiked iron mace with a cured leather grip
a jagged-edged cinquedea with a ruby-eyed viper hilt
a dark steel greatsword with a centaur-shaped obsidian hilt
a blackened steel scimitar etched with a silvery wolverine
a crude wooden club carved in the shape of a large boar's tusk
From Top To Bottom
On the shoe rack
some thick arzumos pelt boots
some black leather chopines embossed with whorling silver stars
some thin-soled velvet slippers with spiraling straps
some slender riding boots appliqued with colorful silken flowers
some fitted shadowy black sandals with detailed straps
some woven moccasins wrapped in soft braided felt vines
some thick bearskin boots with engraved boar tusk heels
some polished black leather boots with silver buckles
On the hat rack
a stiff white felt cloche with a black satin rosette sewn on the band
a straw boater hat with a black linen band
an off-white hooped bonnet
a black velvet riding helmet
a quilted cloth cap decorated with appliqued animals
a golden threaded hat styled to look like a wig
The Gentleman's Corner
In the box
some ebony leather pants laced up the sides with brown cording
some dark leather pants cinched with braided leather
some heavy grey wool pants with rolled-up cuffs
some baggy brown buckskin pants with dark knee patches
some black buckskin pants gathered with leather straps
some dark tan buckskin pants with fringe along the seams
On the oak shelf
a crisp white linen shirt with braided cuffs
a bright red silk shirt with golden cufflinks
a grey linen shirt with rolled-up cuffs
an ivory linen shirt with carved oak buttons
a black linen shirt with carved onyx buttons
a brilliant blue silk shirt with golden hook buttons
On the rosewood shelf
some soft white linen trousers edged with gold piping
some deep blue linen trousers edged with silver piping
some soft black velvet trousers clasped with carved onyx buttons
On the oak mannequin
a wide silver band embedded with a carved onyx raven
a fitted black silk shirt with carved onyx cufflinks
some glossy black leather dress boots
some dark grey wool trousers with black braiding along the sides
a dark grey wool jacket with a black braided high-collar
On the wicker mannequin
a cream-colored cotton shirt with billowing sleeves
some forest-green cotton trousers with a gold buckled leather belt
some moss-green suede ankle boots
a moss-green suede vest trimmed in brown leather
a broad-rimmed straw hat with a dark leather band
On the wooden counter
a jade and ivory earcuff
a small fine gold hoop earring
a wooden arrow pendant engraved with a howling wolf
a white gold band set with a square-cut blood red ruby
a wide platinum bracelet studded with dark amber
On the ironwood box
some rich brown moccasins embroidered with dusty green willow leaves
some ebony moccasins threaded with brown leather laces
some soft blue velvet moccasins embroidered with silvery thread
some polished brown dress shoes
On the oak box
some heavy black leather boots clasped with silver buckles
some thick brown leather boots with folded cuffs
some soft grey leather dress boots
some reinforced leather boots with thick heels
a pair of supple black leather dress boots
some rich black riding boots with ornamental spurs
On the belt stand
a wide black leather belt with a large silver buckle
an ebony belt of braided leather cinched with brass buckle
a dark grey canvas belt adorned with silver studs
On the low shelf
some midnight-blue brocade slippers trimmed in gold satin
some dark green velvet slippers trimmed in fine gold-leaf embroidery
some burgundy slippers lined in black silk
a pair of fuzzy green slippers embroidered with scarlet thread
Gift Horse
In the large wardrobe
a royal blue snood adorned with a golden lion charm
a deep black snood adorned with a silver horse charm
some deep blue riding breeches embroidered with golden lions
some soft black riding breeches embroidered with a silver labyrinth pattern
some deep blue riding boots with slightly raised heels
some deep blue leather riding gloves embroidered with golden lions
a royal blue velvet riding helmet with a golden chin strap
a deep blue riding cloak emblazoned with an intricate golden lion
some black suede riding boots with slightly raised heels
some supple black suede riding gloves with slender tracery
a deep black velvet riding helmet with a silvery chin strap
an elegant velvet riding cloak edged with labyrinthine silver tracery
On the polished stand
a forest green caparison edged with tiny golden bells
a royal blue blanket edged with golden tassels
a hand-loomed blanket woven with silvery stars
a blood red blanket edged with ivory skull-shaped beads
a deep black blanket edged with polished silver horse charms
a deep blue saddle pad embroidered with golden lions
a royal blue caparison embroidered with stylized golden lions
a deep black quilted caparison with intricate silver tracery
a royal purple pleated caparison with dagged edges
a thick leaf-patterned saddle pad with corded suede edges
a soft saddle pad embroidered with a looping rope pattern around the edges
a quilted saddle pad with tiny horses embroidered along the edges
a hand-loomed deep black saddle pad with silvery stripes
On the saddle rack
a hand-tooled leather saddle with a soft suede seat
a cured brown leather saddle with silver lacing
a deep black embossed leather saddle
a light brown leather saddle edged with etched gold plates
On the sturdy table
a small feed pouch embroidered with sugar cubes
a quilted saddle carrier embroidered with the image of a majestic warhorse
a pair of gold horseshoe-shaped earrings
a pair of silver horseshoe-shaped earrings
a polished gold ring forged to resemble a saddle
a brushed silver ring forged to resemble a saddle
Grieving Grave
On the small tombstone
a small black silk handkerchief attached to a dulled silver pin
a simple black felt hat with a dark veil across the front
a gold mourning band etched with a skeleton in bas-relief
a coffin-shaped cut glass pendant edged with tiny black pearls
Griffth's Yurt
On the maple hook
a rough cloak of tan cougar hides laced with leather thongs
a dark wine cloak clasped with a bronze pin
On the oak hook
a sturdy grey wool cloak with a dark fur hood
a hooded journeyman's cloak made of dark hides and lined with black fur
a soft pale grey woolen cloak hooded with a white ermine cowl
On the carved hook
a white silk tunic belted with knotted gold chain
a brown wool tunic cut knee-length and belted with rough leather
a long burgundy velvet tunic trimmed in ivory seed pearls
On the wooden cases
some white leather ankle boots trimmed in pale ermine
some simple black leather boots
some grey leather boots with folded black fur cuffs
some sturdy boots wrapped with cougar hide and braided leather
On the wooden mannequin
a small note
some thin leather-strapped sandals threaded with tiny carved beads
a soft ivory doeskin skirt edged in beaded fringe
a soft ivory doeskin bodice laced up the front with pale leather cord
a pale carved wooden armband with a single dangling owl feather
On the boxed bed
a red cotton apron embroidered with pink roses
a white cotton apron embroidered with periwinkle and thyme
a yellow cotton apron embroidered with white daisies
On the small table
a slice of pound cake
a wine-soaked strawberry
a slice of pumpkin bread
some spiced wine
Grooming Gazebo
In the brass chest
a well-crafted suede grooming kit embellished with fine steelsilk strands
a frayed burlap grooming kit
a sailcloth grooming kit embroidered with a ship at sea
a rough leather grooming kit
In the flowery basket
a smooth linen vanity case embroidered with a multi-hued dragon
a deep blue velvet vanity case embroidered with a galaxy of stars
a colorful cotton vanity case embroidered with various shapes
a soft felt vanity case dyed with a myriad of autumn hues
a rose velvet-covered vanity case with a gilded wren-shaped clasp
In the washtub
a fluffy white towel
a thick blue towel
a tattered mud-colored towel
a soft floral print towel
a multi-colored polkadotted towel
a pink and red striped towel
a scallop-edged salmon-colored towel
an embroidered leaf-patterned towel
Jeraya Bayajen, Main Booth
On the curved counter
an enameled merchant tent pin
a tiny pewter yurt charm
a polished crystal star suspended from a black cord necklace
a small amethyst silk rosette nestled in a circle of silvery lace
a shadowy black ribbon
a cobalt blue festival glass bowl
a souvenir festival wall scroll
a brightly colored shopping bag
a tiny velvet mouse
Marnie's Elegance In Wire
On the crystal jewelry tree
a silver wire dragon earring that curves in a gentle arc
a small cut amethyst mouse pin with a curled wire tail
a small wire oyster charm
a chubby wire owl charm
a tiny wire bow and arrow charm
a coiled silver wire choker with tiny interspersed turquoise beads
a small gold wire unicorn charm
a seven-strand braided wire bracelet
a delicate silver chain strung with a small gold wire-form sphere
In the wire basket
a white candle
a pink candle
a red candle
an orange candle
a yellow candle
a green candle
a blue candle
a purple candle
a black candle
a rainbow candle
On the smooth table
a small wire-framed note
a tarnished silver wire arzumos
a detailed wire faenrae reaver
a small golden wire cat
a regal bronze wire horse
a small wire spider candle holder
a beaded wire candle holder
a spherical wire candle holder
On the round table
a small black box with the word "Confidence" stamped on it in gold leaf
a small violet box with the word "Happiness" stamped on it in gold leaf
a small lilac box with the word "Friendship" stamped on it in gold leaf
a small green box with the word "Wealth" stamped on it in gold leaf
a small amber box with the word "Health" stamped on it in gold leaf
a small deep blue box with the word "Love" stamped on it in gold leaf
a small white box with the word "Luck" stamped on it in gold leaf
a folded card
a slender candle in a coiled wire holder
a small aqua box with the word "Serenity" stamped on it in gold leaf
A Matter of Magik
On the cast iron pedestal
a rose-colored vial
In the wicker basket
a tiny cambrinth snail
a spiraling cambrinth seashell
an amber-rayed cambrinth starfish
a delicate cambrinth anemone
a colorful cambrinth angelfish
an enameled cambrinth mermaid
On the wooden table
a heavy gold torque shaped like a ruby-eyed king snake eating its tail
a charming bracelet of playful red gold kittens with slitted indakar eyes
a heavy bronze armband shaped like a massive kraken
an articulated asketine catfish charm
a heavy golden sunfish pendant with delicate pink erythrite stripes
On the battered counter
a sickly, petrified chicken's leg with talons pointed in different directions
a necklace made up of a number of tiny rat skulls sewn onto a brilliant silver thread
a dangling silver skull earring set with brilliant ruby eyes
a long platinum hairpin set with a large sparkling emerald
some ghoulskin boots colored pale grey splotched with sickly green
On the wrought iron stand
a translucent white fishbone
Monyah's Miscellany
On the ebony table
a crude wolfskin pouch stitched with silver thread
a leather-thonged bola
some brightly-colored quilted armor
a plumed cougarskin helm
a patterned wickerwork shield
a pale hide shield
a short-cropped leather melois
a crude leather vest stitched with tiny bones
In the cedar chest
a black lambskin sporran
some knitted plaid socks
a black leather baldric
some red ribbon garters
some silver-buckled shoes
a blue and red tartan kilt
a flowing black linen shirt
On the cloak rack
a hooded blue reaver fur cloak
Nefari's Emporium
On the portable stone furnace
a red veined granite pestle
a blue veined granite pestle
a blue veined granite mortar
a red granite mortar
On the stool
a wax label
In the small bucket
a withwood stirring stick
a glass rod
a mixing spoon
a bone stylus
a rosewood stylus
an ivory stylus
On the wooden hookrack
a giant cauldron
an iron kettle
On the table
a brown clay jar
a burnt clay jar
a purple clay jar
a tan clay jar
a white stone jar
a grey stone jar
a green stone jar
a black stone jar
a yellow stone jar
a red stone jar
a blue stone jar
a pink clay jar
Nytingale's Instruments
On the folding table
a polished brass whistle embossed with the Bards' Guild crest
a pair of ebony naqqara lashed together with bright red-tasseled cords
an etched silver flute inlaid with water opal
a gold-banded boxwood recorder
a translucent tortoiseshell kithara
On the wooden counter
a graceful burlwood violin with elongated flame-shaped soundholes
a spiraling golden gemshorn
an inlaid silverwillow psaltery
a polished lacewood cistre with a fretwork soundhole
a polished cherrywood faenellica with wren-shaped soundholes
On the peg-board
an ebony violin bow
a deep blue woolen jacket with carved rowan buttons
a pale blue shagreen drum pouch with a gilded phoenix latch
a lacquered scarlet instrument case painted with golden wrens
a supple black leather flute pouch
a drum stick
In the wicker basket
a naqqara skin
a set of seven strings
a set of twenty-four strings
Obscure Origins
In the obsidian tray
a twisted platinum tailband adorned with opal and moonstone
a twisted blue gold tailband adorned with moonstones
a twisted gold tailband adorned with sunstones
a twisted white gold tailband adorned with amber
In the granite tray
a triple-strand blue gold hip chain linked with crescent-shaped charms
a triple-strand gold hip chain linked with disc-shaped charms
a triple-strand white gold hip chain linked with ray-shaped charms
a triple-strand platinum hip chain linked with triangular charms
In the marble tray
a blue gold shariza pendant bearing twin crescent moons in bas-relief
a white gold faiyka pendant bearing three narrow rays inset with amber
a gold iladza pendant bearing a multi-rayed sun in bas-relief
a platinum triquetra pendant set with opals and moonstone
On the weapons display
an etched katar with a layered bone and teak grip
an etched rondel dagger with a spiraled teak grip
an etched misericorde with a layered horn and ebony grip
On the tawny velvet mannequin
a pair of hammered silver wristcuffs set with star sapphires in a wheel pattern
a mother-of-pearl vakoti banded in silver
Once Possessed, Superior Used Items
On the wooden coffin
a worn dark green leather desk pad
a crudely carved wooden yak figurine
a three-wheeled toy caravan
a rusted copper wire bracelet coated with a layer of brownish-green patina
a cloudy cut crystal vase
a chipped glass marble
a tarnished silver amulet engraved with odd symbols
a long faded cloak covered in colorful patches and shiny beaded appliques
a balding stuffed bear missing a button eye
a torn canvas painting
a threadbare blanket
some mud-caked wooden pattens
a scuffed dragon statuette
a battered straw broom
a frayed burlap table cloth
a frayed burlap gamantang
Parody's Pouches
On the hanging display belt
a taffelberry belt pouch
a doeskin pouch with blue velvet lining
a small green pouch emblazoned with a sunrise
a pouch embroidered with a forest scene
a pouch decorated with pearl-like beads
a black lace pouch
an aqua pouch with a scale-like surface
a chain gauntlet fastened to form a pouch
On the cloak rack
a solemn black overdress embroidered with a unicorn
a lovely white overdress embroidered with unicorns
The Perfect Rose
On the black wicker mannequin
some flowing pink silk pants gathered snug at the ankles with belled laces
a pale pink diaphanous veil trimmed in seed pearls
some pale pink silk slippers intricately embroidered in gold thread
a sleeveless pale pink silk bodice trimmed in tiny seed pearls
On the white wicker mannequin
a dark leather bodice cinched with silver cord dangling at the ends with dark crystal beads
some snug black suede boots with silver inlaid high-heels
an ivory spidersilk shirt with long billowing sleeves
some black leather leggings adorned with a string of dark crystal beads
On the dark wicker mannequin
a simple white cotton dress trimmed with blue satin bands
a dark velvet knapsack with a golden button clasp
some dark blue and white hair ribbons fastened with a single gold pin
some glossy white leather shoes with dark blue ankle laces
In the cherrywood wardrobe
a slimming gown of sapphire silk laced up with silver ribbons
a long sleeved deep-emerald velvet gown with an underskirt of black silk
an ivory gown woven of fine spidersilk buttoned with golden charms
an off-the-shoulder gown of scarlet silk embroidered with gold thread
In the ironwood wardrobe
a crimson silk shift that is laced down the sides with gold cord
a burgundy silk shift that is laced down the sides with black velvet ribbon
an ebony spidersilk shift fastened with a sterling silver chain belt
a delicate shift of shimmering ivory silk belted with tiny gold hip-chains
a sheer cream silk shift accented with jade beads
On the carved stand
a crimson robe ornately stitched with threads of gold and silver
a heavy black velvet robe clasped with golden cord
a dark burgundy velvet robe belted with black cord
On the ivory stand
a pair of burgundy leather boots lined in soft black wool
some black beaded ankle boots clasped with onyx ravens
some knee-high white leather boots lined in soft pale ermine
some dark green velvet boots embroidered with twining roses
On the brass hatstand
a richly shaded veil centered with a faceted black diamond
a richly shaded veil centered with a scintillating cabochon ruby
a richly shaded veil centered with a flawless round sapphire
a vividly hued peacock motif shawl
On the blue crystal shelf
some scarlet silk slippers that lace with golden ribbons
some black satin slippers embroidered with twining roses
some fragile crystal slippers inlaid with silver filigree bows
In the silk-lined case
a carved platinum ring adorned with a huge emerald surrounded by golden leaves
a carved platinum ring displaying an exquisite pink sapphire
a delicate silver ring embedded with tiny diamonds
a heavy-banded sterling silver ring embracing a blood red ruby
a ruby and gold band studded with carved onyx thorns
On the ironwood sideboard
a kettle of sweet mint tea
some crisp shortbread cookies
Pyie Rate's Supplies For The Distinguished Sailor
On the wooden folding stand
a tan leather hip pouch hand-tooled with a panther stalking a buck
a black velvet hip pouch embroidered with gold stars depicting the Shrike
an azure hip pouch with the image of cresting waves picked out in crystal beading
a forest green suede hip pouch embossed with entwined ivy leaves
On the musty barrel
a wide sea lamp
a brass ship's lantern
In the wide wardrobe
a heavy wool cabin cloak with an intricately embroidered hood
an elegant hooded sailor's cloak embroidered with a lithe sea monster
a tattered hooded cloak embroidered with swarming rats
a shadowy black hooded cloak embroidered with dark grey thread
On the weapon rack
a steel-capped ironwood short bow
a light ebonwood crossbow set with two jade eyes in the boltplate
a slender blade etched with the image of a ship on a raging ocean
a dark steel katar with an intricate scrimshaw hilt
a curved scimitar with a red leather-wrapped hilt
a golden swept-hilt rapier with tiny diamonds set in the cross guard
a sturdy arbalest made of cured steel-edged ironwood
a lightweight mariner's crossbow
a heavy sailcloth sling
On the armor stand
some darkly oiled leathers
some quilted double leathers with a skull and crossbones emblazoned across the chest
some dull steel armor with a red and white bull's-eye painted on the front
a light fire-blackened hauberk embellished with a flame pattern of golden links
some heavy steel chain with shoulder guards in the shape of giant barnacles
In the small bucket
a bottle of lamp oil
On the driftwood table
a tarnished silver ring set with a miniature crossbow
some wide-cuffed ankle boots with raised heels
a black head scarf embroidered with a white skull and crossbones
a long black vest with crisscross leather lacing up the front
a billowing white silk shirt with wide dagged sleeves
a wickedly jagged dagger charm dangling from a dark obsidian earcuff
some small golden anchor-shaped earrings
a pewter skull and crossbones nosestud
a ratty black eyepatch with frayed edges
some sleek leather pants with golden tracery
Simply Essential
On the knife rack
a polished brass carving knife with a twining vine etched along the blade
a silver-bladed carving knife with a fine-grained walnut handle
a steel-bladed carving knife with a polished ebony handle
a brushed gold carving knife with a down-curved blade
a steel-bladed carving knife with a hand-rubbed satin finish ironwood handle
On the display rack
a wide-bladed skinning knife with a bear jaw handle
a long-bladed skinning knife engraved with deobar leaves
a slim straight-bladed skinning knife with a polished agate hilt
a subtly curved ebonwood-handled skinning knife
an ivory-hilted skinning knife with a polished golden blade
a hook bladed silver skinning knife
In the modwir chest
a parchment card
a sea-green velvet gem pouch with a platinum dolphin clasp
a multicolored patchwork gem pouch embroidered with a ram's head
a fuzzy gem pouch embroidered with an orange-striped tabby cat
a forest-green linen gem pouch clasped with a polished deobar wren
a white silk brocade gem pouch embroidered in gold with a regal lion's head
a black satin gem pouch clasped with a silver ruby-eyed scorpion
In the modwir coffer
a yak hair gem pouch embroidered with a ruby-eyed black raven
a pale ivory silk gem pouch clasped with a golden unicorn
an alabaster brocade gem pouch embroidered with a jet-black wolf
a dark spidersilk gem pouch embroidered with the barely-visible image of a crouching panther
a rough canvas gem pouch embroidered with a bloodgem-eyed wild boar
a tan leather gem pouch embossed with an ox head
a scarlet satin gem pouch clasped with a silver cobra
a parchment card
On the black-lacquered table
a gold-handled hair brush engraved with the image of a unicorn
a polished walnut hair brush
a platinum hair brush inset with randomly scattered midnight-blue sapphires
an ivory hair brush inset with a golden wolf's head
an intricately carved polished jade hair brush
In the wicker basket
a grey gargoyle-shaped flint
an unyn-shaped grey flint
a ghoul-shaped black flint
a rat-shaped black flint
a gerbil-shaped grey flint
a grey wolf-shaped flint
a wren-shaped grey flint
The Tent of Avnel the Glassblower
On the marble pedestal
a tiny gaethzen firefly
a gaethzen sphere
a delicate gaethzen phoenix
On the velvet-lined tray
a blue-green malachite wand tipped with a tiny glass bubble
a polished ash wand tipped with an opalescent crystal eye
a gold-flecked onyx wand tipped with a roughly cut crystal
a carved amber wand tipped with a tiny crystal lark
an octagonal citrine wand tipped with a glittering glass sphere
a cobalt blue wand tipped with a tiny glass bucket
On the wooden rack
a crackled crystal globe
a red-streaked glass sphere
a gold-swirled crystal orb
a bubbled crystal cube
a note
a bubbled glass ball
a gold-flecked crystal sphere
an etched glass globe
a half-full crystal orb
The Threads of Fate
On the wooden chair
a softly flowing deep blue gamantang with swirling stars along the hem
a short white satin gamantang dotted with multi-colored ribbon rosettes
a small parchment note
a long black gamantang embroidered in dark grey thread with a labyrinth pattern
a soft linen gamantang covered in an all-over floral pattern
a deep crimson gamantang with an elegant black velvet trim
On the tent poles
a pale green waterscape tapestry
a vivid dragon tapestry
a black and gold Therengian tapestry
a millefleur Paladin's crest tapestry
an Imperial wedding tapestry
a richly colored battle tapestry
an elaborately woven unicorn tapestry
On the smooth table
a long black table cloth
a deep blue velvet table cloth
a dark oilcloth table cloth
a soft white silk table cloth
a smooth black embroidered table cloth
a blue and white checkered table cloth
a red and white checkered table cloth
On the clothes rack
a small note
a dark blue tapestry cloak with a wide sable shawl collar
some soft black suede boots with deep tapestry-lined cuffs
a golden tapestry pouch trimmed with black lace
a soft rose tapestry skirt trimmed with deeply knotted fringe
a smoky black tapestry mantle with a sable collar
Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt
On the display stand
a pocketed brocade silk vest
On the malachite pedestal
an etched golden plaque
a brushed vellum note
a large red crystal bowl
an elegant spidersilk traveler's backpack
In the blue sapphire chest
a large silk sack
a large spidersilk sack
In the silver chest
a soft-blue velvet backpack embroidered in silvery stars
an elegant spidersilk traveler's backpack
In the golden chest
an elegant spidersilk traveler's backpack
In the platinum chest
an elegant spidersilk traveler's backpack
On the malachite pedestal
an exquisite nightsilk duffel
a black velvet hip pouch
a spidersilk traveler's backpack
a spidersilk belt pouch
an inscribed ruby plaque
Vicious Visages
On the dark table
an arsenic-blackened visored helm with elaborate bronze ornamentation
a white steel helm with rubies set into the visor
a matte-black visored helm with magnificent wings sweeping back from either side
a spangen helm decorated with elaborate brass and copper piercework
an unadorned steel helm
a brushed blackened helm with an embossed pointed visor
a matte brushed-steel helm with an elaborate visor
a black iron visored helm fashioned in the form of a triple-tiered ceremonial hat
On the wood stand
a watered-iron visored helm embossed with a striking pattern of scales
an opalescent visored helm set with a spiraling golden horn
a golden visored helm embossed to depict a mane of curling locks of hair
a visored helm embossed with a pattern of curling waves
a silvery steel helm embellished with fancy filigree
a bronze visored helm whimsically decorated with lily pad-shaped rivets
Women At Arms
A small sign reads:
Welcome to Women at Arms, purveyors of fashionable clothing, weapons and armor for the feminine warrior. Most of the clothing and armor sold by Women at Arms is cut to fit the curves of a woman's body -- while men may be able to squeeze into the helms, little else we sell will fit them.
On the amethyst mannequin
some supple silver-spurred leather riding boots
an amethyst velvet surcoat embroidered with white Therengian roses
some silvery steel gauntlets with decorative cutwork cuffs
some silver-washed field plate inlaid with wreaths of enameled violets
a silver-gilt great helm with amethysts and topaz
On the gold mannequin
some low scarlet suede boots with polished ebonwood heels
a multi-layered black and gold silk gauze skirt
some gold-beaded black leather gloves
some golden hunting leathers embossed with scarlet firebirds
a scarlet leather hood edged with layers of gold-beaded raven feathers
On the black mannequin
some calf-high black suede boots with silver clasps
some billowing silvery silk trousers
a high-necked black silk tunic with silver piping
some blackened mail gauntlets worked with silver gryphons
a blackened chainmail robe edged with silver filigree links
a blackened chain coif with a silvery steel eye-guard
On the green mannequin
some fringed moss-green suede falconer's gauntlets
some dark green suede boots with rawhide laces
a layered grey-green silk gauze skirt
a creamy high-necked linen shirt
a padded green suede jacket embossed with a pattern of oak leaves
a deep green leather mask decorated with tiny feathers
On the sea-blue mannequin
a lightweight chainmail robe fashioned from deeply hued rings
a pair of scallop-edged mesh handguards
a scallop-edged chain balaclava
a pair of fitted suede leggings with crystal beading on the pockets
a sea-blue suede bodice with mermaid-shaped emerald clasps
On the ash-grey mannequin
some ash-grey sharkskin thigh boots trimmed with a scarlet fringe
a deep black sharkskin mask
a quilted ash-grey sharkskin tunic embossed with delicate scarlet-tipped anemones
a kick-pleated black woolen skirt
On the silvery-white mannequin
a silvery-white tower shield etched with the image of a reclining lioness
a set of silvery-white plate brigandine etched with the image of a reclining lioness
a pair of silvery-white mesh gauntlets
a silvery-white helm with a tawny gold horsehair crest
a darkened tower shield inlaid with copper filigree
a gold-plated shield encrusted with rubies and amethysts
Women At Arms, Accessories
On the marble column
a parchment note
a pure white velvet garter with silver buckles
a leaf-green suede garter with criss-crossed laces
a narrow brown leather garter with rawhide laces
a deep violet garter with silvery silk ribbons
a soft gold suede garter with a ruby phoenix buckle
a black suede garter with narrow silver buckles
an ash grey silk garter edged with red piping
a deep blue satin garter threaded with narrow black ribbons
a soft scarlet leather garter with tiny gold buckles
a dainty black velvet garter
a sea green spidersilk garter with turquoise and carnelion beadwork
a deep red velvet garter with iridescent sequins
an ivory spidersilk garter edged in Elven lace and tiny seed pearls
In the jewelry box
a brooch depicting a nightingale with crystal tipped wings
a silver wristcuff with an engraved clasp
a gold wristcuff with an engraved clasp
a burnished platinum wristcuff with an engraved clasp
a carved silver ring
a carved gold ring
a carved platinum ring
On the wooden boot-rack
a pair of thigh boots with turned-down cuffs and emerald mermaid clasps
a pair of waterproofed hipboots with merfolk and sea monsters hand-painted along the upper edge
In the oak armoire
a purplish-grey silk bodice with black lace inserts
a silvery silk bodice trimmed with embroidered ribbon violets
a tawny gold suede bodice trimmed with scarlet boobrie feathers
a lightweight green silk bodice with full elbow-length sleeves
a dainty white batiste bodice embroidered with pale blue sirese blossoms
a crisp blue satin bodice with a low scalloped neckline
a crinkled cream silk bodice with ivory lace trim
a fitted black silk bodice with a lace-filled sweetheart neckline
In the teak cabinet
a soft fur-lined black velvet tunic with silver gryphon buttons
a deep red velvet tunic with a white rabbit fur shawl collar
a fitted knee-length grey silk tunic with a high black suede collar
a clinging hip-length blue silk tunic with silvery lace trim
a softly-draped sleeveless white silk tunic
On the oak table
some crisply-pleated grey wool trousers with a lion-shaped gold buckle
some deeply cuffed charcoal wool trousers
some crisply pleated mauve wool trousers with a wide violet suede belt
some finely woven claret-colored woolen trousers
some finely woven deep blue woolen trousers
some nubby grey tweed britches with brass buckles
some close-fitting black tweed britches
some silvery-grey wool britches fastened by narrow leather buckles
On the clothes rack
some snug grey suede leggings with a narrow scarlet belt
some soft black suede leggings embroidered with coppery leaves
some snug dark green moleskin leggings with rawhide lacing
some deep green leather leggings embossed with a subtle leaf pattern
some deep amethyst suede leggings with a silver-buckled black belt
some tawny gold suede leggings trimmed with gold-beaded raven feathers
some sea-blue suede leggings laced with rawhide thongs along the sides
some pale gold moleskin leggings with an ivory suede belt
In the cedar-lined wardrobe
a crinkled grey silk skirt with a silver-buckled claret suede belt
a kick-pleated black linen skirt fastened by a silver kilt pin
a full black wool skirt with a wide red suede belt
a finely woven forest green woolen skirt embroidered with tiny white starflowers
a jade green spidersilk skirt with frothy white batiste petticoats
a swirling lavender spidersilk skirt shot with silvery threads
a swirling scarlet spidersilk skirt shot with glittering golden threads
a full dark blue suede skirt with lace-trimmed petticoats
a pale blue spidersilk skirt with an ivory suede belt
On the kilt tree
an ivory and jade plaid kilt fastened with a silver ivy wreath pin
a grey and violet plaid kilt fastened by a silver thistle pin
a scarlet and black plaid kilt fastened with a golden dragon pin
a green and blue plaid kilt fastened by a silver arbelog claw
a grey and red plaid kilt fastened with a heavy bronze lion pin
Women At Arms, Weapons Display
In the display case
a polished coral throwing spike with a wire-wound sharkskin grip
a bronze-bladed katar etched with intertwining anemones
a silvered dagger with a twisted narwhal horn handle
a curved bronze dagger with a shimmering blue water opal pommel
a slender damascened bodice dagger
On the sword rack
a razor-sharp steel axe with a double-clamshell blade on a polished driftwood haft
an obsidian-hilted bastard sword etched along the blade with hideous blackened unicorns
On the weapons stand
a water-etched steel sabre with a leather-wrapped hilt
a lustrous pearl-pommeled damascened broadsword
a diamond-edged steel lonsgword with a wire-wound water opal hilt
a curving silver-etched falchion with a wire-wound leather grip
a polished coppered oben with a lapis-inlaid hilt
a scallop-edged oben with an iridescent abalone-inlaid pommel