Anthy's Wagon
On the armor stand
some steel double ring mail
some padded leather hunters
some crimson hunters embroidered with a silver falcon
some azurine padded hunters
some brass-riveted jousting plate
On the mahogany rack
a kastane
a ring gorget
a staff carved with the image of a fox chasing a possum
an ironwood staff with a coiled serpent carved around the top
a twisted driftwood staff made of saltwater hardened oak
an enameled sheath inlaid with panels of silver trimmed in brass
On the rosewood table
a dappled leather belt sheath
a hammered silver gorget
a bronze knotwork torque
a gold knotwork torque
a serpentine falcata
some leather dueling gauntlets
a steel mace with a chiseled strapwork shaft
a quillion dagger
an oak leaf dagger
some gauntlets engraved with a boar's head
a serrated-edge flamberge
a twisted hilt claymore
Banabu Garam's Jeweled Exquise
On the wooden yak
a green crystal tikka shaped like a tiny arrow
a blood red baloyun fashioned from a hollowed-out boar tusk
a small tikka festooned with elaborate silver ivywork
a small sign
a six-strand silver ultik sprinkled with star-cut wine-colored garnets
a darkly translucent amber tikka encasing a green scarab beetle
On the marble table
a small sign
a silver kathla of nine delicately carved turquoise plates depicting events surrounding the life of Eluned
a silver kathla of nine expertly enameled plates that depict events surrounding the life of Damaris
a silver kathla of ten expertly enameled plates that depict events surrounding the life of Hodierna
a silver kathla of eight expertly enameled grey plates that depict events surrounding the life of Meraud
a silver kathla of ten exquisitely carved agate panels that depict events surrounding the life of Hav'roth
a silver kathla of nine expertly enameled turquoise plates that depict events surrounding the life of Glythtide
a silver kathla of nine expertly enameled plates that depict events surrounding the life of Truffenyi
On the walnut shelf
a small sign
a platinum chain baleora bearing a claw pendant with a green malachite ball in its taloned grasp
a glittering gold torque attached to a delicately incised spherical bell
a silver double-strand baleora with opalescent blossom pendant
a four-strand copper utlik bespangled with seed bells
a gleaming silver torque with a diamond-cut obsidian drop pendant
On the white mannequin
a gleaming silver circlet delicately engraved with sinuous vinery
a white silken cape lined with thick snowbeast fur
some hip length white calfshide boots
a rope belt woven from rainbow-colored nemoih strands
some billowing white satin pantaloons edged with seed pearls along the outer seams
On the black mannequin
a black tower shield emblazoned with a wounded white unicorn rampant over an enormous red moon
a brillant red satin doublet stitched tightly with midnight black raven's feathers
a black cape made of well-cured panther leather
some billowing black satin pantaloons edged with flame red piping
a delicate silver eyelid piece shaped like a wizened claw
a midnight black tunic slashed and imbedded with yellowed leucro fangs
Chizelli's Charms
In the jewelry box
a simple pewter charm bracelet
a copper rope charm bracelet
a wide platinum charm bracelet
a twisted brass charm bracelet
a heavy silver charm bracelet
a gold filigree charm bracelet
In the crystal coffer
a tiny crystal lens charm
a silver Empath charm
a sparkling gold sunburst charm
an azurite Thief charm
a tiny gold arrow charm
a skeletal asketine-veined leaf charm
an indakar-eyed cat charm
In the bardic charm case
a porcelain song scroll charm
a carved jasper wren charm
a tiny ruby phoenix charm
a painted wood drum charm
a crystal fife charm
a silver lute charm
a gold-stringed harp charm
In the warrior charm case
a menacing adan'f mage charm
a dark grey rock troll charm
an amber cougar charm
an emerald wood troll charm
a bronze breastplate charm
a silver broadsword charm
a gold and ruby falchion charm
a platinum shield charm
In the empath charm case
a gnarled amber cebi root charm
a dainty silver plovik leaf charm
a delicate gold ring charm
an open golden hand charm
an amethyst jadice flower charm
a polished jade riolur leaf charm
a faceted ruby heart charm
In the fae charm case
a driftwood nixie charm
a jasper selkie charm
a turquoise nyad charm
a silver welkin charm
a gold enameled fire sprite charm
an oak dryad charm
a painted wood mermaid charm
In the survival charm case
a fragile glass dolphin charm
a fuzzy brown skin charm
a carved ivory rope charm
a silver lock charm
a bronze bolt charm
a silver arrow charm
an ironwood crossbow charm
an ebony longbow charm
a tin-plated lockpick charm
In the trader charm case
an opal mule charm
a gilded crate charm
a gold-etched contract charm
a tiny silver caravan charm
a silver-edged lirum charm
a gold-swirled kronar charm
a copper-edged dokora charm
Crodeon's Cloaks
On the display rack
a dingy white hooded longcoat embroidered with winged dragons
a stone grey hooded longcoat with daggers stitched on collar and sleeves
a pale gold hooded longcoat with a clenched fist emblazoned on the chest
a small sign
a hooded longcoat
a dark brown hooded longcoat decorated with fringe and hawk feathers
On the silver rack
a cloak dark as eventide worked in crimson silk with Dergati's all-seeing eye
a diamond-scattered cloak of deep blue silk clasped with a golden nightingale
a gracefully draped black velvet cloak with a silver border of stalking panthers
a flowing deep grey velvet cloak beaded in obsidian crystal
a dark parchment sign
On the oak stand
a black shadowsilk cloak
On the oak counter
a silk lined burgundy cloak trimmed with white lace
a cloak
a dark green cloak decorated with hundreds of colored beads
a mottled grey cloak woven in a intricate pattern
a ice blue cloak with a mountain scene painted on the back
a black leather cloak trimmed in silver
a small sign
Dokta's Dis an' Dats
On the pine crate
a ripped black-blue tabard embroidered with a black widow spider sitting amidst a web of green lightning
a dirty white smock embroided with the faint image of a smiling Gor'Tog
a deep blue pair of muddy trousers shredded at the left knee
On the display shelf
a tarnished silver ring engraved with an oddly stylized Empath's guild crest
a threadbare leather backpack splotched with unidentifiable stains
a tattered sign made of hairless bearskin
a slightly bent copper ring set with a chipped cambrinth stone
On the puppet stand
a wooden marionette
On the dusty table
a grinning skull-faced marionette
a green checked jester marionette
a scowling clown marionette
a hideous goblin-faced marionette
On the sealed box
a shifty Thief marionette
a starry-eyed Moon Mage marionette
a snarling Barbarian marionette
a smiling Empath marionette
a singed War Mage marionette
a drunk-looking Bard marionette
a gem-encrusted Trader marionette
a confused Ranger marionette
a stern Paladin marionette
a serene Cleric marionette
Gadelica's Riches for the Reverent
On the clothes hooks
a scarlet wedding cassock
a simple ritual robe
a monk's robe
some dove grey robes
a fringed prayer shawl
On the ladder-back chair
a deeply-cowled monk's robe
On the silverwillow table
a black jade amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord
a white jade charm
a dark topaz charm
a smoky crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord
a roseate crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord
a parchment note you *should read*
a midnight blue crystal amulet suspended from a narrow silver cord
On the silver tray
a small note
a wedding cup
In the bell case
a blackened silver bell shaped as a curled sleeping panther
a tiny silver bell shaped as a dozing dove
a matte black porcelain bell with images of four ravens in bas-relief
a gleaming bronze bell shaped as a plump magpie
a tiny gold bell shaped as a roaring lion
a tiny crystal bell etched with the image of a rising phoenix
a small porcelain bell painted with a splashing dolphin
a small silver cloisonne bell fashioned as a sleeping cat
a gold-washed bell shaped as a rearing unicorn
a tiny pewter bell shaped as a shrew
a small blown-glass bell shaped as a fat perched wren
On the felt-padded table
a ceremonial Mer'Kresh moon shell horn
a copper ritual drum
a bronze carnyx with the bell in the shape of a open-mouthed ram
a burlwood bandoura
a silk-stringed pyi-pya
a polished lyra viol
a jade-banded txistu
a necklace of bird-bone flutes
In the large basket
a ritual drum skin
a set of six strings
a set of four silk strings
On the low shelf
a drum stick
an ivory drum stick
Gildalily's Adornments
On the carved table
some highly-polished top boots accented with the hand-tooled image of a serpent coiled around a sword
a dark crimson garter accented with black beaded lace
a black velvet cloak embroidered with a hissing serpent coiled around a sword
a jet-black silk garter accented with a tiny ruby heart pierced with a diamond arrow
On the ornamental rack
a dashing scarlet cashmere waistcoat fastened with sparkling ruby buttons
a quilted burgundy doublet accented with slashed black shoulder rolls
a crimson silk blouse with gauntlet sleeves
a jet-black velvet gown accented with a spray of cascading rubies down one shoulder
a sheer raven-black beaded lace gown accented by a deep crimson satin underdress
In the glass case
a delicate heart-shaped ruby necklace pierced by a tiny diamond arrow
some glittering snowflake filigree earrings
a pearl bracelet fastened by a solid gold clasp set with a cabochon ruby
a black crystal choker accented with dyed black gryphon feathers
a delicate diamond tipped hairpin
a stunning gold tailband accented with a tiny ruby heart pierced with a diamond arrow
Immokokkon and Sons
On the crystal case
an ewys and opal ring
an onyx and diamond bracelet
a platinum ewys wedding band set with stunning firesilk opals
a thin wedding band of delicately braided gold strands
an onyx and diamond anklet
an ewys and emerald scabbard
On the platinum pedestal
an articulated platinum ring
On the silver pedestal
an articulated silver ring
On the gold pedestal
an articulated gold ring
A Matter of Magik
On the wicker basket
a ruby-eyed cambrinth dragon
In the wicker basket
a jasper-winged cambrinth wren
a ruby-throated cambrinth crow
a pearl-nosed cambrinth kitten
an amber-eyed cambrinth wolf
an opalescent cambrinth nightingale
On the wooden table
a heavy gold torque shaped like a ruby-eyed king snake eating its tail
a charming bracelet of playful red gold kittens with slitted indakar eyes
a heavy bronze armband shaped like a massive kraken
an articulated asketine catfish charm
a heavy golden sunfish pendant with delicate pink erythrite stripes
On the cast iron pedestal
a rose-colored vial
On the wooden table
an onyx black widow spider earring inlaid with an ilmenite hourglass
a pale grey avaes owl charm with sparkling diamond eyes
a savage-looking carved asketine wolverine pendant
a circlet of delicate silver doves on a wreath of malachite laurel leaves
a delicate platinum circlet inlaid with golden filigree and set with a single star sapphire
a heavy gold torque shaped like a ruby-eyed king snake eating its tail
a charming bracelet of playful red gold kittens with slitted indakar eyes
a delicate circlet of red gold maple leaves with tiny asketine berries
a smoky jade armband etched with the image of shadowy cats
a heavy silver wristcuff inlaid with a star-eyed azurite panther
a golden sunburst medallion inlaid with delicate silver filigree and sparkling diamonds
On the battered counter
a sickly, petrified chicken's leg with talons pointed in different directions
a necklace made up of a number of tiny rat skulls sewn onto a brilliant silver thread
a dangling silver skull earring set with brilliant ruby eyes
a long platinum hairpin set with a large sparkling emerald
some ghoulskin boots colored pale grey splotched with sickly green
Nyghil's Arts
On the wooden rack
a white eyepatch with a grinning yak stitched into the front
On the polished wooden table
a fine linen pillowcase colorfully embroidered with the crest of Taelbert's Inn
a worn leather-bound volume of "The Immortals"
a dented tin picnic box with a thick copper handle
a worn leather book bag bearing the crest of the Asemath Academy
a stuffed toy raccoon knapsack with fuzzy woolen straps attached to its shoulders
a gathering basket made from brightly dyed reeds
a curiously shaped medicine bag covered with iridescent greenish-black grackle feathers
a wide dwarven mining belt of sturdy worn leather
a belt quiver fashioned from a carved hollow mammoth tusk
On the jewelry stand
a weathered copper ingot suspended from a dark silk cord
a delicate silver medallion embedded with moon-hued gems
a simple necklace of rough twine supporting an uncut crystal amulet
a leather necklace supporting an onyx and a gold feather
a tawdry gilded badge
a rusted and stained piece of metal hanging from some rotted rope
a small star-shaped crystal medallion suspended from a fragile silver chain
a simple silver medallion dangling playfully on a crooked gold chain
a rat skull medallion suspended from a thin silver chain
a woven grass necklace knotted with a fringe of dangling feathers
Nytingale's Instruments
On the wooden counter
a delicate silverwillow lyre embellished with carved mermaids and seashells
a polished pearwood rebec decorated with a marqueterie compass rose
a graceful copperleaf faenellica inlaid with a swirling flight of silverwillow wrens
a shallow shaman's drum decorated with fluttering gold-beaded scarlet feathers
a carved raven-bone syrinx bound with deep blue leather thongs
a bronze mirliton decorated with twining enamel nightshade blossoms
On the peg-board
a drum stick, a long leather pouch cinched with a silver ram's head on a rawhide thong
a deep-blue leather drum pouch painted with tiny singing wrens
a deep blue woolen jacket fastened with carved rowan buttons bearing an embroidered Bards' Guild badge on one sleeve
a shagreen instrument case embossed with the golden emblem of the Bards' Guild
Pyff's Perch
On the weapon rack
a curved Aldauth scythe-blade
In the enameled box
a milky glass unicorn suspended from a fragile chain
a gold ox-yoke charm
a coal black raven charm
an epidote panther charm
a tiny nightingale charm
a wild boar charm
a small conch shell
an albatross feather
a gold cobra charm
a carved wooden wren hanging from a soft leather cord
a lion's tooth
a glass scorpion charm suspended from a spidersilk cord
an ivory cat charm
On the hat tree
a straw hat with long white ribbons
a handwritten note
a pink straw hat with pink satin ribbons
a straw hat decorated with glaysker and wysteria flowers
a plain straw hat
In the reed basket
a silver-handled footbrush
On the locked chest
a wooden sparring sword
On the draped table
a circlet of pink clover and sweet woodruff
a circlet of hyssop and verbena
a circlet of tiny bronze wrens interlocked with thin copper strands
a squiggly note
Rezcheeka's Hobbyhorses
In the blue wooden barrel
a hobbyhorse with a sorrel-colored velvet horse's head
a hobbyhorse with a white silk horse's head
a hobbyhorse with a colorful jester's head
In the red wooden barrel
a simple unfinished hobbyhorse
a bay hobbyhorse
a spotted grey hobbyhorse
a black hobbyhorse
a brown donkey-headed hobbyhorse with large floppy ears
a gold dragon-headed hobbyhorse
a flame-red dragon-headed hobbyhorse
On the display table
a mahogany cat
an ebony raven
a satinwood unicorn
an oak lion
a maple wren
a white oak ram
a driftwood dolphin
an ebony panther
a walnut boar
a mahogany ox
a small sign
a maple horse
an ironwood wolfhound
Semtrach's Art to Order
On the jewelry stand
a simple golden locket
a gold-banded lapis lazuli locket
a brushed silver locket
a gold and silver filigree locket
an embossed copper locket
a simple platinum locket
a marqueterie copperleaf locket
a pale blue oval cameo locket
a diamond and platinum locket
a heart-shaped golden locket
a delicate enameled oval locket
On the deobar table
a delicate enameled oval locket
a heart-shaped golden locket
a diamond and platinum locket
a pale blue oval cameo locket
a marqueterie copperleaf locket
a simple platinum locket
an embossed copper locket
a gold and silver filigree locket
a brushed silver locket
a gold-banded lapis lazuli locket
a simple golden locket
a blackened steel locket
Shawgril's Bolt Goods
On the bentwood rack
a dark red cloak bearing the symbol of the Crossing town guard
On the green mannequin
a leaf-stitched cloak crafted in woodland shades of autumn
On the bentwood rack
a dark linen swordsman's cloak clasped at the right shoulder with a silver pin
On the satin hanger
a sweeping indigo velvet cloak trimmed along the front and bottom hem with golden soutache embroidery
On the rosewood armoire
some Fae robes of iridescent silk ending in a long train
On the wire dressform
a hooded shadow black cloak clasped at the neck with a small diamond dagger
On the wire dressform
a weathered green traveling cloak
On the rosewood armoire
a hooded cloak of sea blue satin trimmed with seed pearls and lace
On the green mannequin
a supple suede cloak intricately dyed to resemble cascading dark brown and golden hawk feathers
On the wire dressform
a hooded shadow black cloak clasped at the neck with a small diamond dagger
On the satin hanger
a creamy hulnik linen hooded cloak trimmed with a border of richly embroidered purple silk and the image of a silvery unicorn prancing upon a field of clover
On the teak table
a silky grey tabard depicting a black serpent emerging from an ivory moon
a black velvet tabard with sparkling unicorns embroidered along the hem
On the carved armoire
a black tabard embroidered with the image of yaks dancing around a bonfire
a pale green silk tabard embroidered with forest green ivy tendrils
On the wooden rack
a finely woven taffelberry-dyed tabard with the image of several grinning Halfling farmers
a motley jester's tabard of faded green and gold satin diamonds
On the glass counter
a blue and gold velvet tabard embroidered with the badge of the Barony of Therengia
a dingy brown battle-worn burlap tabard stained with sweat and blood
On the velvet bench
a creamy white silk tabard intricately embroidered with a shimmering golden harp
an elegant thigh-length tabard made from mottled mulberry silk
Some Things Amiss, Curiosities
In the maple trunk
a flowing black linen shirt
a fringed gypsy scarf
a swirling colorful silken dress
a patchwork vest crafted from bits of colorful fabrics
On the wicker hamper
an elegant sky-blue robe of transluscent gauze
an ivory scholar's robe shot with gleaming copper threads
a deep blue silk robe embroidered with silver constellations
a flowing black seer's robe
In the cedar wardrobe
a high-collared black satin robe with a crimson hem
an ivory cotton robe with golden embroidery
a silver talisman engraved with the sigil of Tezirah
On the display case
some lapis-inlaid bones
some diamond-inlaid bones
some amber divination bones
some ruby-inlaid bones
On the hat rack
some rainbow striped socks
some rainbow striped hose
On the ironwood table
a set of yellowed gidii bones
a set of grimy rat bones
a set of glistening crocodile bones
a set of dirt-encrusted ghoul bones
On the marble pedestal
some spidery copper-rimmed spectacles
some horn-rimmed spectacles
thin silver spectacles
a polished copper monocle
In the oak chest
a faded cougarskin shaman's robe
a crude leather vest stitched with tiny bones
a tattered boarskin shaman's robe
On the pine coatrack
an ivory white sash embroidered with copper sigils
a deep crimson sash embroidered with golden sigils
a flowing jade sash embroidered with silver sigils
Tamsine's Hearth
On the tray
a grey mug
a white mug
a dark blue mug
a mug
On the table
an alia cotton apron
a tasia cotton apron
a telgi cotton apron
a belia cotton apron
a cotton apron
an embroidered cotton apron
On the placemat display
some cotton placemats
some white cotton placemats embroidered with roses and vines
some white cotton placemats embroidered with a cat sleeping on the hearth
some black cotton placemats embroidered with a cluster of fourteen stars which bear a striking resemblance to a sleeping cat
some white cotton placemats embroidered with a large cluster of grapes
On the towel rack
a belia cotton towel
a telgi cotton towel
a tasia cotton towel
an alia cotton towel
a talan cotton towel
a white cotton towel
a yellow cotton towel
a blue cotton towel
a pink cotton towel
a green cotton towel
a cotton towel embroidered with a cat sleeping on a hearth
The Tent of Avnel the Glassblower
On the velvet-lined tray
a delicate crystal diadem set with sparkling blood red rubies
an intricate stained glass torque depicting a dolphin darting through a blue-green seascape
a heavy gold armband set with a stained glass cartouche depicting a star-eyed panther
an elegant necklace of opalescent scarlet and gold glass beads
a heavy gold ankle-chain from which dangle dozens of colorful glass charms
On the coat stand
a wide-brimmed straw beekeeper's hat with a shimmering net veil
a silken cloak in an oddly shifting shade of grey
a smokey-blue brocade tunic embroidered with faint silvery cobwebs
On the wooden rack
a note
a fragile crystal cube
a shimmering glass orb
a delicate glass ball
a smokey glass sphere
a bubbled glass globe
a cloudy glass pyramid
a smokey quartz globe
a gold-flecked crystal egg
a sparkling crystal sphere
On the marble pedestal
a tiny gaethzen firefly
a gaethzen sphere
a delicate gaethzen phoenix