Corik's Secret: Treasures of the Tomb

Incidental Treasures

A great deal of treasure can be found on this quest besides that at the end. Some is thought to be worthless, some is gorgeous and worth a great deal to the right person. I've taken the liberty of dividing it into four sections: 'normal', snowdrift, 'large', and frost giant. The normal and frost giant treasures have stayed constant throughout the runs I've followed(through Simucon mostly). The snowdrift and 'large' sets, however, either rotate or are chosen at random from an admittedly enormous set created for this quest. As I gather more knowledge of this quest, I will add to the lists as necessary.

'Normal' Incidentals

This set covers everything *every* group should get, or at least have a shot at should they get that far. From supplies, to tools, to...

Snowdrift Incidentals

Stuff found while searching snowdrifts. 'Nuff said.

'Large' Incidentals

Items found in boxes and crates along the way, not in snowdrifts or as tools. This includes everything from fluff to weapons and armor to magical items to...

Frost Giant Treasure

Answer the riddles, earn an item from the Frost Giant's personal cache.

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