The Cursed Ship
Large Incidental Treasures

Large treasure appears in one place on the quest. Each run has ten pieces which, from what I've seen, is grouped in sets of ten; the sets appear to rotate. Some items are grabbags - container with contents.

Set 1

a polished animite ring set with a miniature crossbow
a pale avaes lens
an olive leather backpack embroidered with a golden wolverine
a supple firesilk thigh pouch with flames lightly embroidered along the straps
a black silk carryall clasped by a dainty ruby flamerose
a dark crystal circlet embedded with many faceted blood-red rubies
a hollow crystal armband filled with glittering gemstones
an inconspicuous embossed leather wrist sheath
a lanahh pahapo
a deep black onyx coffin set with delicate pink erythrite roses

Set 2
Note: To my knowledge, this set only appeared on run 2.

a purple jade jewelry box etched with fine silver veins
a heavy animite ring set with an uncut blood-red ruby
a dark steel boko crafted to resemble a skull
a hand-tooled leather harness
an aged bronze helm covered in sickly green patina
a braided leather greatsword sheath
a platinum-hilted bastard sword engraved with the image of a flaming comet
a pearl and gold net girdle
a pearl-inlaid platinum flute
a polished steel shotel with a black pearl pommel

Set 3

a blackened nimsha etched with a silver labyrinthine pattern
a double tiered tiara of highly polished platinum centered with a large nightfire opal
a voluminous sea green watersilk cloak edged with tiny white seed pearls
a polished platinum jewelry box carved with curling vines of Elven ivy
a split-blade dagger
a brushed animite band set with a perfect serpent's heart ruby
a slender golden circlet from which dangle hundreds of multihued sapphires
a stuffed colorful parrot
a simple dragon's scale sapphire pendant
a darkened composite bow etched with slender panthers

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