[Comfy's Situpons, Inside]
Light and airy, the inside of this tent smells of new leather and light floral scents. The furniture being sold is spaced out to give plenty of room for patrons to pass by and examine the merchandise. Here and there, potted blooming flowers lend their beauty to the surrounding area. You also see a furniture merchant and a tent flap leading out.
Obvious exits: none.

# Price Item
1. 40000 a tall-backed oak kitchen chair (set of 2)
2. 45000 a carved white kitchen chair (set of 4)
3. 50000 a deep blue floral tapestry chair (set of 4)
4. 65000 a burgundy silk-cushioned armchair (set of 4)
5. 55000 a sea blue brocade divan (set of 2)
6. 35000 a long rich oak bench
7. 85000 a gold-trimmed ivory velvet couch
8. 110000 a huge red leather sofa
9. 90000 a plush purple velvet couch
10. 100000 a large black leather sofa

To order, type ORDER .

The dark oak of this chair is polished to a sleek shine. Its seat is decorated with a cushion in shades of green and brown.

Rose-covered vines are carved into the wood of this chair. Its seat is decorated with a comfortable cushion of pale ivory lace.

Silvery threads weave themselves through the fabric of this tall-backed chair.

Tall and sturdy, this armchair is designed to provide comfort to those large and small in stature.

A soft fur pillow graces the surface of this divan.

A plaid cushion rests upon the seat of this sturdy bench.

Large, round gold satin pillows sit at each end of this elegant couch.

The sofa is simply decorated with thin gold bands around each leg.

The cushions of the couch are embroidered with tiny golden fae hiding behind a profusion of exotic flowers in various colors.

Blood red pillows accent the comfortable seat of this well-crafted sofa.

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