[Ingara's Treasures, Storage]
Wide slats of refined timber placed atop one another horizontally form the bulk of the cramped stall. Large, exotic leaves cover the three rafters at the top of the stall to form a makeshift roof. A few trunks are carelessly arranged within the structure. You also see a furniture merchant and the festival grounds.
Obvious exits: none.

#     Price Item
1.   100000 a golden treasure trunk with thin bands of silver filigree
2.   150000 a silverwood treasure trunk studded with rubies and sapphires
3.    20000 a polished driftwood treasure trunk with the image of a painted anchor on the lid
4.    65000 an oak treasure trunk with silver hinges
5.     7500 a driftwood treasure trunk with well-oiled hinges
6.     5000 a driftwood treasure trunk with a broken and rusted lock
7.     5000 a wooden treasure trunk with rusted hinges

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