[Yarrel's Varmint Vittles, Display Room]
The overwhelming smell of all sorts of cooked meats dominates the air of the shack. A glass display case shows off the shop's selection of fine hams. Yarrel, the shop's owner, stands proudly behind the counter, making sure there is always enough stock out for perusal at all times. A colorful sign is hung prominently from the rafters. You also see a large oak counter with some stuff on it, a long buffet table with some stuff on it, a battered iron drink cart with some stuff on it, and a leather flap nailed to the entrance.
Obvious exits: none.

a chocolate ham is 36 Dokoras
a beer-baked ham is 35 Dokoras
a Smatha Special ham is 25 Dokoras
a savory hickory-smoked ham is 27 Dokoras
a Theren's Best ham is 34 Dokoras
a honey-glazed ham is 22 Dokoras
a peppercorn ham is 27 Dokoras
a slice of caramelized ham is 45 Dokoras
some tequila-grilled bacon is 18 Dokoras
some hickory-smoked bacon is 18 Dokoras
some peppercorn bacon is 18 Dokoras
some Yarrel's sun-dried jerky is 13 Dokoras
a skewered rat kabob is 25 Dokoras
some sliced ham rolls is 19 Dokoras
some cubed ham bits is 13 Dokoras
some beef and bird stew is 22 Dokoras
some hambone stew is 18 Dokoras
some lizard stew is 18 Dokoras
a leatherfoot steak is 31 Dokoras
a grilled T-bone steak is 31 Dokoras
some garlic lamb chops is 27 Dokoras
some spicy pepper peccary ribs is 33 Dokoras
some bristleback spareribs is 33 Dokoras
some tenderfoot venison is 22 Dokoras
a shot of ham juice is 9 Dokoras
a tall bottle of turnip mash is 27 Dokoras
a bumper of Gor'Tog Golden Grog is 31 Dokoras
a flagon of Gor'Tog bloodgrog is 31 Dokoras
a mug of clover ale is 18 Dokoras
a glass of red tequila is 18 Dokoras
a mug of green beer is 18 Dokoras
a shot of Knife Clan moonshine is 10 Dokoras
a cup of turnip punch is 18 Dokoras
a shot of Darkstone whiskey is 27 Dokoras

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