Festival Item List Issues and Solomon

I want to explain some of what's been going on with the "Now it's here, now it's not" and changing messages on this site.

I make these lists and archive with the intention of them being used as a tool. Unfortunately, I have no control whatsoever about how those tools are used. While festivals are a wonderful perk, a chance to socialize, browse, get alterations done and talk with NPC merchants, there is a growing concern that these lists are used to make "grocery lists" to shop from, and the whole point of having the festival is being bypassed in the process. I know of several merchant NPCs who have been passed up or ignored because people were paying attention to the list rather than what was going on around them.

For this reason, Solomon asked me to slow down with the list updates to give people a chance to *enjoy shopping and looking around*. I offered to stop updating altogether until he gave me the go ahead. (Please note: Yes, the stop on updates was my idea. That one you CAN blame me for. Aside from having put about 30 of the last 54 hours into the list in one way or another.) Since I hadn't heard word, and there were a few other minor issues I won't go into, I did an assist and referal to ask if I could go ahead and post the full list.

During that referal, there was a rather large-scale misunderstanding between myself and the GM, who asked me to hold off a few days, which I agreed to. The GM took it as a "No updates at all" rather than a "No full list posting".

Since I needed to separate the notes from the list, and do some minor additions to take care of a few other small issues, I made a minor update, one which had little to do with the festival inventory itself, and posted to that effect on the boards.

Thus began a predictable round of posts being pulled, notes being written, Solomon being buried in IMs, myself being buried in IMs, the list being taken down in an attempt to hold to my agreement with Solomon (as I didn't have a non-updated copy at hand), and so on.

Since then, Solomon has spoken at length with me about the list, the festival, a few other things, and we've worked out an update schedule which is listed below.

I do NOT want to hear anything about how Solomon's been dictating to me about what I can post, when I can post it, being an Evil Overlord(TM), etc. This entire thing has been a huge case of miscommunication and misunderstanding, and if it weren't for Solomon, half the stuff for DR on my website wouldn't be there. There is a lot of information I'm only able to give you because of Solomon's approval and assistance, and he's straightened this out to my satisfaction. So please, no persecuting him for this. He didn't have anything to do with it. He just cleaned up the mess left behind.