[Immokokkon and Sons, Galleria]
With a plush woven carpet and gleaming crystal cases offset by highly polished steel accents, this galleria is the epitome of excess. An armed guard stands before several ornate entrances to adjoining tents, keeping an eye on every little thing. Brilliant candelabras and sconces, set upon alabaster tent poles and crossbeams, shed their light on all the dazzling articles crafted with loving care and just a bit of magic by the master jeweler Immokokkon and his sons. You also see a platinum arch, a crystalline arch, a ruby-colored arch, an emerald-colored arch, a sapphire-edged arch, a topaz-colored arch, an opalescent arch, a beveled crystal case with precious metal jewelry in it, a mirrored glass stand of several tiers which hold jewelry set with diamonds, a golden arch, and a silvery arch.
Obvious exits: out.