Rivulets of water cascade down bright coral and blue walls, adding a curtain of moisture to the warm air of this small shop. Lush greenery frames glass cases in which a variety of scaled and slick creatures live, each with their own small ponds and grassy fields. A small humming noise comes from one corner, and the area is strongly scented with peat moss and water. You also see a small sign and the merchant Merchau.
Obvious exits: out.

A small sign reads:
"Just ORDER something to review our catalog of available amphibians. These animals are for Estate Holder homes."

#     Price Item
1.   100000 a ringed caecilian
2.   120000 an emerald newt
3.   150000 a brown mud-puppy
4.   120000 a midwife toad
5.   120000 a green frog
6.   120000 a chorus frog

To order, type ORDER .

A caecilian resembles a worm on the outside, but its jaws and sharp teeth along with the scales on its ringed body speak of other origins. In place of eyes, the caecilian has two small slits on its head from which tentacles occasionally emerge.
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A newt resembles a lizard, but is smaller and has a very long, slender tail. Its bright emerald skin ripples with turquoise and violet accents with every slight movement.
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The mud-puppy has bright red frills along its head, resembling elaborate gills. The rest of its long body is more muted, a claylike red-brown on top fading to grey on the underbelly. Specks of black dot its head.
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Cream-colored with mottled brown spots, the tiny toad almost disappears in the foliage of its pen, its amber eyes glancing hesitantly through the leaves. It darts its round tongue out occasionally to taste the air, causing the grass to shiver.
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The frog nearly blends into its surroundings, its deep green coloring fading to a paler color along the belly and legs. Large golden eyes peer serenely from its somewhat flat head, and its whitened throat bulges and retracts convulsively.
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A brownish-grey frog is a medium-sized amphibian with clawlike toes, each with a flat disc on the tip that allows it to cling to what it climbs. From its throat, a keening song frequently emerges.
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