[Aqueous Accoutrements]
The thin layer of sand on the floor is dotted with small shells. Thin strips of green silk hang from the top of the tent, imitating a kelp forest. The furniture for sale lies in the middle of the faux forest. You also see an open flap and a helpful clerk.
Obvious exits: east, west.

#     Price Item
1. 600000 a glistening oyster shell bed nestled in bright red coral
2. 650000 a wooden bed with a domed headboard and mounds of round gold pillows
3. 250000 a coral canopy bed hung with rich blue cloths
4. 5000 a braided kelp hammock
5. 10000 a sand-filled sailcloth cot

To order, type ORDER .

Distressed wood burned with insignia creates a sturdy bed with a domed top resembling an oversized treasure chest. Nestled into the bottom of the chest, bright sapphire and rich ruby fabrics atop the thick mattress compete with the dull gold of the coin pillows. A rope of pillow pearls drapes across the bed, glistening ivory against the jewels.

The image of waves crashing violently onto a rocky outcropping is painted on the canopy.

[Aqueous Accoutrements]
A small lantern hangs from the ceiling of the tent. Underneath it sits a low bowl of water, diffusing the light and giving the appearance of sunlight shining through the sea waves. You also see a helpful clerk.
Obvious exits: east.

#     Price Item
1. 6000 a barnacle-encrusted driftwood chair (single item)
2. 8000 a high-backed rattan chair (single item)
3. 150000 a delicate pale blue table carved from a solid slab of coral
4. 150000 a cobalt glass table

To order, type ORDER .

The legs of the salt-stained driftwood chair are covered with barnacles. Despite the wear of the sea and being host to the barnacles, the chair looks quite comfortable.

Seared into the seat of the chair is the image of a large conch shell lying in a coral forest.

Intricate patterns of life in the sea bed are carefully preserved underneath a thin sheen of blue-tinted glass, protecting the surface of the coral as well as making the table smooth enough for everyday use. Embedded in the glass are tiny bubbles, giving the table the strong illusion of being underwater. The four legs of the table are made of marble seahorses, each of them facing outward in bas relief.

The base of the blue-tinted glass has been filled with water and displays an ocean floor scene. At the bottom lies a thin bed of sand that has been sprinkled with small rocks. Small strands of kelp rise from the base and are pushed against the table's glass top.

[Aqueous Accoutrements]
Shattered bits of a broken ship are strewn about the sandy floor. Flanked by the debris, a small sandcastle has been erected in front of the merchandise. A helpful clerk stands ready to help awaiting customers.
Obvious exits: west.

#     Price Item
1. 150000 a broken fife rail weapon rack
2. 250000 a ship's helm armor stand
3. 20000 a stuffed blue swordfish mounted on an oak plaque
4. 5000 a mass of tangled netting
5. 50000 a seashell-framed painting
6. 7000 a woven seaweed floor mat

To order, type ORDER .

The rail is mounted around the remnants of a broken mast. Belaying pins are still set within some of the pin holes, offering a spot to hang a weapon, while others have been ripped from the wooden sockets, perfect for the display of a melee weapon.

The swordfish has been posed to look as if it was leaping from the water when it was caught. A thick fishing hook remains inserted in its mouth.

A fishing net and bits of ship rigging have been twisted together to make the complex mess of rope and line. Trapped within the grasp of the netting are a few small, dead, sea creatures.

A collection of seashells frames the edges of the painting. The oil work is the image of a small shark swimming through a kelp forest, chasing a bright orange seahorse.