You see Aquolo Merlorian, a Merelew.
He has green eyes, no hair to speak of, and silver scales cover his body from head to toe.

He is in good shape.

Aquolo's hands are empty but you notice his fingers are slightly webbed.
He is wearing a sea dragon charm, some boots, some baggy breeches, a grey tunic and a large sack.

Aquolo says, "I came back because I realized I hadn't explained something..."
Aquolo says, "You can give these to anyone you want, but they're only EXTRA special for the person who owns them..."
Aquolo says, "I just had to explain that to someone else...and was worried I'd have a rampant rush"
Aquolo exclaims, "They are not bonded to their owners, but there's a special affinity created when they belong to someone...belonging is SO special!"
Aquolo says, "And if they're not with the person they belong with, they are sad and unhappy."
Aquolo says, "it won't change it's look if you give it to someone else though..."
Aquolo says, "or to look at...but they only respond to their special friend..."
Aquolo just kissed a sea dragon charm!
Aquolo ponders.
Aquolo says, "Mine thinks I'm not his friend anymore..."
Aquolo says, "oh"
Aquolo puts on a sea dragon charm.
Aquolo just kissed a sea dragon charm!
Aquolo babbles incoherently.
Aquolo takes off a sea dragon charm.
Aquolo shakes his sea dragon charm!
Aquolo exclaims, "I AM YOUR FRIEND!"
Aquolo's dark brown Torbisan sea dragon swims upwards, circling in the air to display the soft brown eyespots and pale azure speckles along its chest and tail before settling back down on his chest.
Aquolo says, "So, it's up to you...if you want to crush your special friend's little heart, be my guest."
Aquolo asks, "And please spread the word?"