A large tent painted in a faded pattern of gambling chips.

The tent has opened! Game on my friends! (Deluxe ticketed friends only, sorry)

I'm going to come right out and spill the beans here as there are some issues I need to make note of. This is a gaming tent for Black Jack players. That said there is a known issue in regards to doubling down and splitting. Both work fine, but not together. If you want to split your hand go right on ahead, but once you have....don't double down on either hand because the dealers don't currently pay that form of bet properly.

Also if you bet your last chips on any particular hand, make certain that you have a hand open at the end of the round to recieve your new chips in. If any major issues arise we may have to close the tent early but I'll do my best to have it re-opened as soon as possible if that should happen.

Now that I'm done scaring you, the teller is located west of the entrance, buy some chips and see if you can beat the house. I hope you all enjoy!

GM Oolan Jeel