You see a bottle washed up on the beach...

Inside the bottle, you see a note.


Dear Mama

Merelew Island has turned out to be so much more than the travel agent could explain! Vibrant colors, delicious food...I can smell the sea from everywhere. The shopping is incredible, and already I think I might need another suitcase just for the things I'll be bringing back. I'm buying things for everyone, but I just can't help it!

I got an adorable sea turtle toybox for Minnie, and a pot-bellied Gor'Tog marionette for Miles. I might put them together when I caravan them ahead, so be sure to look for them! I might give the magic sack to Miles, too. I found a colorful gypsy mask draped in jewel-toned silks that partially obscure the face for Fiona but I couldn't help trying it on myself. The transformation was so amazing, it made my skin just tingle. I bought Carokena a new skirt, azure in color with little fish embroidered on it. In the picture, a cat with disheveled fur and rigid tail clings precariously to a small, craggy rock, peering fearfully at the half-dozen fish nearby. Each fish is comically sewn to bear a mocking smirk, and the two nearest the rock slap their fins together triumphantly. Isn't that the funniest thing you've ever seen?

Oh! And of course I had to get a couple things for Uncle Jrim's weapon collection. I got him a weathered dragon-hilted claymore that has two scarred dragon heads with mouths agape facing away from the heavily notched blade of the weapon, and also a silver etched trident with a gnarled driftwood handle that has the image of a toothy shark swimming among beds of wavy kelp. I thought he'd like those. I just hope I can get them home without poking someone. I even got a driftwood collection plate with figures of a dolphin, albatross and shark carved into it, for the temple. Brother Urtnet should like that, don't you think?

When you have a chance, could you send a message via parakeet to let me know what else Girtra is looking for? They have a whole shop here just for brides, can you imagine? I bet I can find some things for her there. Oh and I was thinking of picking up a pinata or two for Aunt Gilly's party. I just can't decide between the apple, the top hat, or maybe the cake? What do you think? Maybe I'll just get them all and we can decide later.

The people here are amazing, too. There's this man all covered in blue scales who wears nothing but a pair of trousers and spends his day with colored sand. He's a nice man, but he doesn't talk a whole lot. Kind of looks like a blue Elf, come to think about it. And there's this woman with a pushcart that's so overloaded with wedding celebration tokens that you can barely see her! I bought you a copy of the official wedding portrait of the Prince and Princess. I thought you could hang it next to the picture of Great Aunt Rose. There are lots of other things I'm curious about, too. I keep hearing bells ringing all over the place. Especially cowbells. And what's with all the goats? If I find out, I'll let you know!

This letter should be arriving well ahead of time to warn you of a delivery. Now don't faint when it arrives, Mama, but I bought a frog for the house! Yes, a frog! He'll be in his own pen, mind you, but he's a brownish-grey chorus frog and he has these long, clawlike toes that have flat disks on the tips that allow him to cling to whatever he climbs! Now don't worry, I'll keep him in his enclosure. I'm sure you'll like him once you get to know him. He even sings a bit. I think I'll call him Barney.

Well, I'd best get this to the lobby so it can meet the afternoon dolphin to the mainland. Then I need to get ready for this evening's feast. I might do some gambling later, too, but I promise not to go too crazy.

Having a wonderful time and wish you were here!

Your loving daughter

P.S. Send more Kronars!