[The Jaal Jeraya, Baker's Dozen]
The scent of baking food wafts through the air, filling the area with delicious smells ranging from salted meats to sugary sweets. A counter skirts the room, giving ample space for hungry shoppers to peruse the dishes and make their choices. You also see a door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the long counter you see a cup of fresh chocolate milk, a flagon of festival ale, a juicy turkey leg, a candied apple, a fried meat pie, a goblet of festival wine, a snifter of festival brandy, some warm cheesebread, a bag of buttery popcorn, a mug of rich coffee, a fire roasted corn-cob, some hearty corn chowder, a spicy roast beef sandwich, a cup of fruity punch, a cup of cool spring water, a flagon of festival beer, some dry flatbread, a bag of fried squash, a cinnamon sugar breadstick and a nut-covered chocolate banana.

a cup of fresh chocolate milk is 10 Kronars
a flagon of festival ale is 18 Kronars
a juicy turkey leg is 31 Kronars
a candied apple is 12 Kronars
a fried meat pie is 18 Kronars
a goblet of festival wine is 25 Kronars
a snifter of festival brandy is 25 Kronars
some warm cheesebread is 12 Kronars
a bag of buttery popcorn is 12 Kronars
a mug of rich coffee is 10 Kronars
a fire roasted corn-cob is 18 Kronars
some hearty corn chowder is 25 Kronars
a spicy roast beef sandwich is 18 Kronars
a cup of fruity punch is 17 Kronars
a cup of cool spring water is 6 Kronars
a flagon of festival beer is 18 Kronars
some dry flatbread is 6 Kronars
a bag of fried squash is 18 Kronars
a cinnamon sugar breadstick is 10 Kronars
a nut-covered chocolate banana is 18 Kronars