[The Jaal Jeraya, Delicate Creations at Sea]
Light wood paneling covers three of the walls, with a stained glass structure making up the fourth. Circular tables covered in crisp white linens are placed throughout the room. While customers peruse the various wares displayed, a small bird held in a gilded cage in the corner serenades them. You also see a silverwillow rack with some stuff on it and an ebony door.
Obvious exits: none.
Ship paths: none.

On the oak table you see a pair of soft cotton gloves embroidered with green and gold dragonflies, a pair of silvery silk gloves embroidered with sapphire thread, some silvery hose accented at the ankles with sapphire flowers, some pale ivory hose accented at the ankles with golden dragonflies, a spidersilk hairnet adorned with ruby spiders and a sparkling silver hairnet with starfish and seashells threaded through it.

On the silverwillow rack you see a pale golden gossamer gown with an amber spidersilk shift, a flowing gown of silvery spidersilk with a sapphire bodice, a scintillating gown of dark steelsilk with tightly bound sleeves, a spidersilk gown of light cinnamon encircled along the hips with amber beads and a simple white muslin dress laced down the sides with pastel ribbons.