[Eyes of Damaris, Celestial Offerings]
Dark and cool, the shop's interior gloom matches its exterior. A hastily strung banner, proclaiming the grand opening, has fallen to reveal the former occupants as "Glyth Tidings, Purveyors of Fine Liquors". Wine racks along the back wall are now filled with dusty rolls of parchment, and wrought iron shelving currently offers a selection of crude telescopes. You also see an old rickety table with some stuff on it, a reinforced bone archway, a dusty wine barrel with some stuff on it, and a wobbly chart stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the rickety table you see a braided leather telescope case, a soft velvet telescope case and a dyed leather telescope case.

On the wine barrel you see a cambrinth pendant with the likeness of Damaris carved into it and a dark cambrinth marble sculpted into the image of the black moon Katamba.

On the chart stand you see an onionskin starchart, a vellum starchart and a parchment starchart.

On the wine rack you see a tattered parchment scroll.

On the iron shelving you see a crude wooden telescope, a simple brass telescope and a well-crafted brass and wood telescope.