Merelew II Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers from previous events and the boards. Names in Red who have answered are in () after the answer given.

1. What currency is being used at the event?


2a. Will there be a bank available, or will I have to return to the mainland?

At the previous two Merelew events, Feast of Eluned and Pirate's Plunder, the Gallenia was docked one block north of the dolphin transport portal. It is a branch of the Crossing bank. This question has not been answered by a name in red as of yet.

2b. Will there be a premium bank vault so I can transfer money between banks?

Currently unknown.

3. Can I take a character other than the one I signed up as?

Any and all characters on the account that you signed up on can go.

4. Where will Dolphin Transport Portals be?

The original events were accessible from the Crossing docks. It is as of yet undecided if DTPs will be placed elsewhere.(Solomon)

5. How do I get my attendance prize?

Aquolo has been hunting down deluxe ticket holders the last few days. If you haven't been tracked down by the time the festival opens, contact a festival greeter with the character you want it bonded to and they'll take care of you.(Solomon)

6. Can I trade my attendance prize to someone else? Theirs has colors that I like better, and they like mine.

You can trade them. Unfortunately, the verbs on them only work for the original owner. It may become possible to trade them later on, but then the colors will change back to the original, i.e. you will wind up with the exact same description. Colors or verbs, but not both. (Solomon)

7. Is the mystery creation system ready to go?

Yes. (Solomon)