[Fialma's Fine Tiles]
A flame-haired Elven woman stands quietly in a corner of this brightly lit shop, her hands folded neatly before her as she smiles around at her customers. Underfoot, a giddy mosaic of tiling samples spreads across the floor, demonstrating Fialma's extraordinary taste and superlative skill in the selection of color and material. You also see Fialma.
Obvious exits: out.

#     Price Item
1.    20000 an azure and sea-green tile floor
2.    20000 a deep red mosaic tile floor
3.    20000 a glazed coral-pink tile floor
4.    20000 a dramatic gold and ebon tile floor
5.    20000 a striking blue and jade tile floor
6.    20000 a fine terra cotta tile floor
7.    20000 a striking gold and purple tile floor
8.    20000 a glossy ruby glass tile floor
9.    20000 a glittering crystal tile floor
10.   20000 a marine-hued mosaic tile floor

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