[The Jaal Jeraya, Frozen Fantasies]
Cooler than the rest of the ship, the area is enclosed with pure white walls, edged with a long blue-checked padded bench. A silver display cart stands in one corner blocking an archway, holding realistic clay models of all the menu items. You also see a door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the display cart you see a frozen fruit-punch bar, a frozen grape-juice bar, a frozen orange-juice bar, a thick vanilla milkshake, an ice-cream sandwich, a thick chocolate milkshake, a thick strawberry milkshake, a chocolate ice-cream bar, some green gooseberry sherbet, some fresh orange sherbet, some smooth pineapple sherbet and a large banana split.

a frozen fruit-punch bar is 12 Kronars
a frozen grape-juice bar is 12 Kronars
a frozen orange-juice bar is 12 Kronars
a chocolate ice-cream bar is 18 Kronars
a thick vanilla milkshake is 22 Kronars
a thick chocolate milkshake is 22 Kronars
a thick strawberry milkshake is 22 Kronars
an ice-cream sandwich is 15 Kronars
a large banana split is 25 Kronars