Merelew Island II

Okay, fine, almost nobody else remembers, but the island is actually called Andreshlew. The first event there, the Feast of Eluned, was the first event I archived specifically to archive, rather than as a half-baked effort to preserve something of previous events. It is also the last event I plan on archiving, which makes it somehow fitting that my career ends in the same place it started.

This is the official archive page before and during the event. It may or may not be changing once it's over and I have a chance to recover, but announcements and information can be found here. If it doesn't have the to start the URL, it's an imitation.

As with the post-Simucon festival last summer, I am attempting to put down some general guidelines and make some requests of other attendes in order to make my life easier.

Merelew II Chat!

We now have an IRC chatroom, graciously hosted by a friend of mine from GSIV.

Use the information below to connect using your favorite IRC client. Check out mIRC at if you're a Windows user or X-Chat at if you're a Linux or MacOS X user. You can also use Trillian.

To connect using an IRC client, input for the hostname, 6667 for standard protocol port or alternately 6697 for the SSL-enabled protocol, and then use the /join to join the channel #MerelewII.

************************ Notice *************************

Please read this page periodically for updates!

The Big List has been updated. A few things are still missing.

I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING about the consolation prize table or the continuation of the coin auction. Kindly A) stop asking me and B) pay attention to the boards and/or in-game messages. In case the caps don't make it clear, yes, this is really really *really* getting on my nerves.

I am looking for a delicate Eluned's Glory blossom from the royal wedding gift boxes. If anyone has one, please let me know. I would also like to know what was in the gift boxes other than the driftwood one I got.

I apologize in advance for any crankiness on my part during the festivities. These events and the work I do archiving tend to make me very sleep deprived, frustrated, and short-tempered. I do my best to keep from taking it out on others, but teasing me about anything, especially things I've asked specifically not to be, is inviting trouble.

The bridge between rooms 46 and 47 on my map is not there. The map of Andreshlew on my website is based on the old Feast of Eluned and Pirate's Plunder events, not this one.

If you have access to the festival, and you see me standing around in a merchant, chances are I'm archiving (or attempting to). I would very very very much appreciate it if you would keep noise/purchases to an absolute minimum while I'm there; a single room, unless it's something like Edword's or Women at Arms, generally takes me 5 minutes or less.

********************** Thank you************************

I am looking for volunteers with high appraisal skill - i.e. 400+, enough to get certain/exact *weight* consistently on objects on the shelves - to help log shop inventories. If you would like to volunteer - and I know a few of you already have - please drop me an email at with the subject Shop Appraisal Volunteer and tell me your character's name and your preference for Wizard FE or Stormfront scripts.

As always, I'm looking for just plain logs - shop inventory or not - to go through for bits and pieces of information I might miss. I'm also collecting information on auction items, pirates' 'buried treasure' and pretty much anything else I can get my hands on.

With all the different information that's going to be coming my way, I'd appreciate it if the following subject lines would be used:

Shop Appraisal Logs
  * If you're only logging one or two shops, it'd help if you included which shops you logged.

General Event Logs
  * just running around, without specifically gathered information

GMNPC description(s)
  * merchants, auctioneers, etc.

Auction Item
  * item information: tap, look/show, read if any, appraisal, scripts/verbs, magical properties if any, etc.

Buried Treasure Item
  * item information, same as with auction items.

Commemorative Gift Item
  * color/type line in the sea dragon charm, ie: The lavender Torbisan sea dragon has large bright golden fans fading into the chest with small burnt umber teardrops gracing the tail.

Shop Back Room Item(s)
  * I will probably not be able to get a listing of all the limited items in back rooms, simply because logging all of it takes time. If you purchase items from back rooms, please let me know what, and the same kind of information (if known) as with the Auction and Buried Treasure.

Merelew II Event Information
  * any combination of the above, but PLEASE make sure to label auction/buried treasure/gift/backroom items as to which is which in the body of the message.