Juggly Weights List

Thanks to Mirussa for compiling this.

some cambrinth brandy snifters 25
some cambrinth pumpkins 30
some ironwood spheres 20
some juggling clubs 40
some rope knots 10
some miniature longswords 35
some miniature axes 50
some small iron-banded helmets 30
some cobalt blue dolphins 35
some bright red wooden strawberries 15
some matched stilettos 30
some marbleized glass eggs 25
some glass juggling spheres 10
some slag glass sharks 40
some bronze chainlinks 35
some iron links 30
some heavy rope knots 20
some iron belaying pins 40
some small anchors 50
some cambrinth frogs 5
some cambrinth toads 10
some cambrinth bumblebees 15
some cambrinth acorn squashes 20
some cambrinth anvils 45
some cambrinth chocolate cakes 35
some cambrinth walruses 40
some cambrinth war mammoths 50
some jagged silver shark teeth 5
some carved amber pinecones 20
some polished ivory fishheads 10
some solid bronze acorns 15
some patinated copper clovers 25
some blackened steel twigs 35
a set of sapphire-studded cambrinth swords 45
a set of tiny pewter shields 15
a set of bronze talismans 20
a set of tiny silver tarts 5
a set of crimson fireballs 25
a set of ironwood wands 40
a set of silver lightning bolts 30
a set of etched silver rings 10
a set of platinum dragons 50