[Little Settings for Little Sittings]
Rich silks dangle loosely from thick and sturdy natural wooden beams that form the frame of the structure. Several of the smaller folks -- Halflings and Gnomes alike -- browse the inventory displayed on the floor. You also see a simple wooden table with an elegant vellum parchment on it, an olive canvas flap, and a furniture merchant.
Obvious exits: none.

An elegant vellum parchment reads:
"The sittings here are sold in sets of four (4). Our sister merchant, Longer Settings for Little Sittings, features benches, pews, and other larger seating furniture sold in sets of two (2). Furniture in both of our humble establishments, however, remains intended for our little friends."

#     Price Item
1.    75000 a plump grey goat chair (set of 4)
2.    75000 a soft velvet frog chair (set of 4)
3.    25000 a short-legged wooden chair (set of 4)
4.    50000 a low bloodwood chair (set of 4)
5.    25000 a polished short chair (set of 4)
6.    25000 a diminutive oaken chair (set of 4)
7.    40000 a pile of small square cushions (set of 4)
8.    40000 a pile of olive cushions (set of 4)
9.    50000 a minute mahogany stool (set of 4)
10.   50000 a teensy modwir stool (set of 4)

To order, type ORDER .

Fine strands of grey yarn dangle from the cotton cover that surrounds the chair's wooden frame. A pair of cloth-covered wires protrude from the top to form the horns. Elegant script reading "Billy" spans the back of the chair.

Thick green velvet has been wrapped around a sturdy wooden frame to form the bulk of the chair. Two large circles on the back serve as the eyes of the frog.

The wood's grain forms intricate patterns on the seat and back of the chair. No stains, paintings or other embellishments mark the chair.

Carved onto the outside of the chair's back is a delicate sunflower design. A large knothole forms the center of the flower.

A light brown stain covers the chair from top to bottom. A small marking has been carved into the base of one of the legs, though its meaning remains unknown.

Having its seat only inches from the floor, the little chair bears no special markings save for the designs of the natural grain of the wood.

Four square cushions of vibrant reds and greens and blues are loosely tied to one another with a small strip of silk, making certain each set of cushions remains intact.

The bantam cushions are triangular shaped. There are several cushions in each pile, likely to account for the thin padding material in each.

A graceful owl perched upon a wolf's shoulder has been carved into the seat. A faint scent of the wood lingers in the air near the stool.

Barely inches from the floor, the little stool has a single ruby shard neatly set into one of its legs.