[Longer Settings for Little Sittings]
Long wooden supports rise up from the floor and stretch to the ceiling where a series of metal bars encircle the room. Rich silks dangle from the bars to form the tent's walls. Scattered around the room are various sets of benches and chairs, each with crowds of little folk and their smaller children climbing on, over, under and around the seats as they test the comfort and craftsmanship. You also see a large wooden sign, a crimson canvas flap, a furniture merchant, and a simple wooden table with an elegant vellum parchment on it.
Obvious exits: none.

An elegant vellum parchment reads:
"The sittings here are sold in sets of two (2). Our sister merchant, Little Settings for Little Sittings, features chairs, stools and other smaller seating furniture sold in sets of four (4). Furniture in both of our humble establishments, however, remains intended for our little friends."

A large wooden sign reads:

For those unfamiliar with our merchandise,
use this poem to set yourself right.

A chair is a stol. A stol is an ikuja. An ikuja is an aulci. An aulci is a launa. A launa is a chair. And now we defy those who would stare.

~Management @========================================@ # Price Item ------------------------- 1. 80000 a vath stol (set of 2) 2. 80000 a maveka ikuja (set of 2) 3. 80000 a licuti aulci (set of 2) 4. 80000 a bisika launa (set of 2) 5. 100000 a narrow walnut throne (set of 2) 6. 100000 a bantam goldenoak throne (set of 2) 7. 60000 a petite silk-covered armchair (set of 2) 8. 60000 a pint-sized mahogany armchair (set of 2) 9. 40000 a pygmy elm armchair (set of 2) 10. 40000 a minute deobar armchair (set of 2) 11. 80000 a small rosewood pew (set of 2) 12. 80000 a diminutive ironwood pew (set of 2)

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