Re: Attention Sable shoppers!--an additional note

Some folks have noticed and commented that the special features aren't working when they look at themselves.

Keep in mind that when you are behind the mask, you aren't going to see the full effect because you're...well...behind the mask. So the fact that others see more when they look at you is intentional.

(mirrors are a weird issue, but that has nothing to do with the mask being broken and everything to do with how mirrors work)

Please don't assist on this issue--the masks are as intended.

One final note on Sable masks (I hope)

Gang, a few questions have come up regarding masks and sorting, so thought I'd post and cover it here instead of tackling everything individually.

Because Sable masks already have something on them that makes them do what they do, they'll need to be hand-sorted because they won't react to the SORT verb the way other items do.

Sorry for any inconvenience, but it's the trade-off for making them generically worn instead of head-worn.

GM Reexa, for the last time. Maybe.