[Playarhin's Pits]
Underfoot, a luxurious layer of the finest pillowy white sand spreads softly across the floor of Playarhin's quietly elegant sleeping-pit emporium. Hundreds of tiny glass bulbs, each containing a vivid glowfly, depend from near-invisible strands of silken thread ranged evenly around the walls, and cast a gentle glow upon the merchandise. The proprietor, a dignified S'Kra Mur man with highly-polished ebon scales, waits discreetly in a corner for the questions of his patrons. You also see Playarhin.
Obvious exits: out.

#     Price Item
1.    30000 a sturdy square coarse-ground shellpit
2.    10000 a beech-framed coarse white sandpit
3.    30000 a deep-filled silvery-white sandpit
4.    20000 a large wooden deep-filled sandpit
5.    30000 a coral-rimmed raked beige sandpit
6.    30000 a circular shell-encrusted sandpit
7.    30000 an elegant oval fine-crushed shellpit
8.    10000 a pine-framed coarse brown sandpit
9.    50000 a gold-bordered fine white sandpit
10.   70000 an ebony-framed black volcanic sandpit

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