[Smells and Tails, Pets for Sale]
Several wooden and glass crates with tiny holes in them are stacked neatly to form a makeshift counter. The air within the tent is an alternating blend of rank and sweet odors that shift as traffic comes and goes through the flap. Loud chittering emanates from a nearby box. You also see a canvas flap, a large wooden sign, a pet merchant, and a ragged notice pinned to the counter.
Obvious exits: none.

A notice reads:
"Our skunks are of the greatest quality. They've not been through the de-scenting process, and thus an additional handling fee for the proper cleansing materials is required to purchase one. Our processors thank you greatly for your understanding in this matter."

A large wooden sign reads:

|           SMELLS AND TAILS!           /
|                                      /
|   Squirrels are cute.  Play nice.   /
|                                    /
|       Skunks make you smell.      /
|          Buy at own risk!        /
|                                 /

#     Price Item
1.   120000 a plump dark grey squirrel
2.   120000 a senile black-marbled squirrel
3.   120000 a mature grey squirrel
4.   120000 a baby brown squirrel
5.   150000 a long-tailed young skunk
6.   200000 a fluffy-tailed albino skunk

To order, type ORDER .

This squirrel is short in length, but rather plump. Soft, dark grey fur covers him from the tips of its ears to the stray tufts of its tail. His soft and furry underside is a golden color that contrasts sharply with the dark grey. Small, beady eyes peer out from its face, ever alert for a tasty morsel.

Small patches of mottled fur have fallen from this squirrel's back and tail. Streaks of white and grey intermix with the predominant black of its thin fur. Two clouded, grey eyes peer intently from its face, though they seem not to focus on anything in particular. Despite its haggard appearance, the squirrel maintains a youthful exuberance as he moves about, blissfully unaware of the furniture he frequently runs into.

A thick, full coat of healthy grey fur envelopes this squirrel. Two rings of light grey encircle his eyes in a manner reminiscent of a pair of glasses. Two large nutshells dangle from a small leather cord that is wrapped around his neck.

A single darkened stripe runs the length of this squirrel's back. Soft, lustrous brown fur covers him, from head to tail and top to bottom. Youthful eyes gaze out upon the world with the innocence of a child. Ever curious, this squirrel often stumbles over its own feet in its haste to explore and investigate the world around it.

Crowned in a deceptively beautiful snow-white, this skunk carries a rank odor wherever he goes. The light fur splits just below the neck into two stripes that run down its back outlining a perfect diamond before they merge at the tail. Midnight-black fur fills in the diamond as well as framing it with a lustrous coat.

Pure white, this skunk has light blue eyes and a little pink nose. Bearing silvery whiskers and petite claws, no foul odors dare drift from this small, cuddly creature.