Alteration Scrolls and You

Greetings Quest Go-ers!

For those of you with alteration scrolls, I wanted to take a moment to explain them to you. These are fairly common among Premium players since they're tied into LTBs, but even still, there are a large number of you out there not familiar with the system.

First, let me cover the big issue. Please DO NOT assist or report in game to get a status update on your scroll. If you've picked it up and sent in a design, it will be worked on. The great thing about the scrolls is that you and the alterer don't need to be in game at the same time to do most of the work.

Depending on what all is involved, research needed on the item, approvals, etc...your alteration could take anywhere from minutes to days to be completed. With the number of them coming in, some may still be getting their items after the event is over. But that's all ok! As long as you've submitted your design, it will be claimed and worked on, so please don't assist to get a status update. Just READ the scroll and that'll let you know where things stand.


When you pick up the scroll, it's attuned to whatever item you were holding. Holding the scroll in one hand and the item in the other, the WRITE verb will allow you to fill out the request and send it in. We can only alter the TAP, READ and LOOK descriptions -- please don't ask us to add verbs. It won't happen.

If you want to change the item you're having altered, use WRITE CHANGE while holding the other item. Then you'll need to use WRITE NEW to fill out the descriptions you want.

Now, you've submitted your design. What next? You wait. When an alterer claims it, they'll do some work and send you a message about it. Either approving it as requested, rejecting it completely, or some middle ground where suggestions / changes are made for you to review. If you're not in game, the message will still get to you -- it's stored on the scroll. READing it will show you the last response from a merchant if they've made one.

WRITE REPLY will let you communicate with the alterer after they've sent a message.

When the two of you get to an agreeable design, the alterer will mark the item as approved. It'll send you a message about taking 0 kronnars from a zoluren bank. Goofy, but correct. When you WRITE ACCEPT, your item will vanish for 10 minutes or so, and then the design you and the alterer worked out will be delivered to you.

After you've accepted and the item has vanished, if the altered version isn't delivered after 30 minutes, THEN you may ASSIST. In such cases, it's likely the scroll got confused and just needs a GM to reset something. That's not too big of a deal, but it will need someone familiar with the scroll system around to handle it. Please don't panic if you're asked to wait a while on this while word is passed along. :) As I've said a few times already -- you'll get your work, it just may take some time.

At this point, the design has been completed and you have your fabulous new glowing broadsword of doo...err, gleaming silver broadsword with faint scorch marks. Congratulations! You've survived the scroll system.


I'm lurking in the Premi forums these days, so if anyone has any questions -- that'd be a good place to post responses/inquiries. Your friendly neighborhood Estate Holder could also very likely answer most of your questions, as well. :)

Have fun guys and gals!

AGM Zadraes
Premium Liaison
ALAE GM (Platinum)