Alteration Scroll Update

Well's the 411:

We put out 200 scrolls for the Deluxe people. Somehow, someway, around 100 non-Deluxe people got in and got scrolls. Some were finished, some were not. However, the result was that around 100 Deluxe folks who were intended to get scrolls did not get them. (I'd like to point out that I said "intended" and not "supposed". Nowhere on the website does it say that anyone was guaranteed an alteration during this event.)

So all day today, we've had Assists asking "where's my scroll", "when are you putting out more", etc.

Once we figured out what happened, we were presented with several very cruddy options. I was going to go through and list out all the pros and cons to each one, but it doesn't really matter.

The bottom line is this:

Due to the confusion, and despite the legitimate bugs, honest mistakes, and various other reasons that caused this situation, we're going to bite the bullet and say that everyone who's attending the event (currently 486 people) will get an alteration scroll.


1) This means that some of the things we had planned will be delayed, and some are flat out not going to happen. I, for one, had some things I was trying to work on, but at this point, a majority of my time will be spent dealing with scrolls. It's likely to impact the "mini-quests" a bit further, but we'll do our best. (We hope everyone had fun with the arena!)

2) The number of wandering alterers is going to drop a GREAT deal. Every GM on staff will be tasked with helping on scrolls. Several people (myself included) who were planning on opening lists will scale back or be unable to open them at all.

3) All alterations may NOT get done by the time the event is over. This triples the number of scrolls we had planned to work on, so that also means it is likely to have a result on the amount of time it will take.

4) Referrals may take a LITTLE bit longer than usual. Just be patient, please. The dark ages of 100 people in the queue and having to wait two or three days to get a referral are long over, so you may have to wait an extra 5 or 10 minutes. I think that's fair enough to ask.

6) Various other side effects as we go along. Just saying, I may have missed a couple things.