Treasure Shovel Update


Ok..there are a couple things I'm seeing that happened:

1) Some stuff got into the treasure lists that should have been in the "everyday items" list. I went over the lists and I thought I caught everything that was questionable. In looking over them this morning, I can see I missed some things. That's our main culprit.

2) In getting the system over from the Development area to Prime, something "odd" happened (that's the only way I can explain it) and several pouches, bags, cases, etc. that SHOULD have had items in them were empty. So, if you got an empty container, this is almost guaranteed to be the situation.

3) One man's treasure is another man's "wha!?" I can't say this enough, but not everyone is going to get a boat or 10,000 plats or an earth-shakingly powerful weapon-o-doom, as much as I'd like to give them out. Some treasure is "valuable" for different reasons. Some things appraise cheaply but do nice/fun/magical things or have an excessive number of verbs. Some things look "simple" but appraise for several plats (or several hundred plats). I am trying to be fair when going through the lists of items and making sure they're "appropriate", but you MUST understand, we are dealing with several hundred people and several hundred items which ARE going to have a wide range of value. Some will be visibly and obviously worth thousands of plats, some will be worth infinite RP value. You may have to find a buyer for your item to get the sort of "monetary value" you're expecting, but the kind of treasure problems I'm going to be dealing with do not involve being a Thief and finding a Blackfire scroll or being a Halfling and finding a very valuable/verby/magical/whatever S'Kra tailband.

I'll get the shovels back in place as soon as possible. I appreciate the patience and understanding.

Plat folks...I'll get your shovels out there ASAP. I probably should have started with you guys, but I let the pressure convince me that I needed to get these out in Prime first. I'll get them over to you soon, but at least you won't have the same issues with most of the items we're having over here.

TF Folks? You can just sit back and laugh at me. ;)