[The Jaal Jeraya, Simplicity Fashions]
The fresh scent of flowers wafts from vases of young blooms that grace each side of the doorway. A long woven rug leads into a spacious room, with mannequins displayed on each side. Young Human clerks move around the room adjusting merchandise and offering assistance to those in need. You also see a tall rowan wood pole with some stuff on it, a sandalwood stand with some stuff on it, and a carved wooden door.
Obvious exits: none.
Ship paths: none.

On the rowan wood pole you see a sapphire-blue hair band inlaid with silver butterflies, an ebony silk hair band shimmering with golden threads, some crystal hair beads threaded with thin strands of colorful silk, a delicate ivory silk hair ribbon tied at the ends with tiny golden bells, some night-black hair ribbons embroidered with crimson dragons and a wide band of burgundy suede embroidered with ravens-in-flight.

On the sandalwood stand you see some wide-laced ebony sandals embroidered with crimson dragons, some thin-strapped golden sandals threaded with gossamer butterflies, some dark brown suede slippers trimmed with embroidered burgundy bands and some ivory satin slippers embraced in a band of golden silk.

On the oak mannequin you see a snug midnight blue dress of soft suede front-laced with dark leather cords, some onyx hairbeads interwoven with a couple of long dark feathers and some midnight blue suede moccasins embroidered with black threads.

On the wicker mannequin you see a pale green knit gown with long flowing embroidered sleeves, some dark emerald earrings shaped like butterflies and a delicate gold anklet with dangling butterfly charms.

On the sandalwood mannequin you see a coral sarong clasped at the hip with a carved ivory orchid, some thin-strapped golden sandals with ivory clasps and a braided strand of silk interwoven with bits of coral.