[Small Friends]
The wind tickles the folds of the tent's billowy yellow silk with a sound like whispered secrets. Crystal orbs filled with fireflies hang from the weathered center beam, illuminating the interior with a soft amber glow. A grizzled old Elf, Tsinti by name but known to all as the Insect Seller, sits cross-legged on a woven mat with his crimson tunic gathered about him. You also see a willow cage, a birch cage, a bamboo cage, a woven reed basket, a parchment sign, and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

If you desire to purchase a Small Friend, Tsinti
wishes that you take the following under advisement:

Your Small Friend will be a loyal companion if treated well.
WEAR it on your shoulder and it will happily sing to you,
keeping you company. Or, REMOVE it and PUT it in its home
box when you wish some silence or to transport it safely.

You must take caution with your Small Friend. It will not
wish to be GIVEN away when not in its home box, nor mistreated
in any way. If not treated with respect, your Small Friend
will hop away in search of a new companion, and Tsinti will
not be held responsible for this. It will be your own doing.

In the willow cage you see a small leaf-green katydid, a slender ruddy katydid, a dark green katydid, a pale yellow-green katydid and a petite grey-green katydid.

In the birch cage you see a slender green grasshopper, a spotted olive-green grasshopper, a large dark green grasshopper, a small yellow-green grasshopper and a fat brown grasshopper.

In the bamboo cage you see a pale green cricket, a chubby russet cricket, a spotted brown cricket, a large black cricket, a small olive-green cricket and a banded reddish-brown cricket.

In the reed basket you see an octagonal black lacquered box with a platinum filigree lid, a gaily painted lacquered box with a gold filigree lid, a round white lacquered box with a woven silver lid, a deep green lacquered box with a woven reed lid, a small azure lacquered box with a pewter filigree lid, a small carved ivory box with a delicate filigree lid and a small round cedar box with a twisted wire lid.