[Sithrim's Speciality Tables]
This spacious wagon is tightly packed with a fascinating array of tables designed for persons of particular taste. Gleaming woods and tiles glint in a soft yellow light which falls from a single crystal chandelier in the center of the alabaster ceiling. A tight-lipped sales assistant stands to one side, his aloof demeanor indicating the wares should speak for themselves.
Obvious exits: out.

#     Price Item
1.    30000 a felt-covered mahogany gaming table
2.    30000 a lace-skirted beech dressing table
3.    30000 a rolltop walnut writing table
4.    30000 a gilt-edged rosewood card table
5.    30000 a brass-trimmed oaken telescope table
6.    30000 a marble-topped black ironwork table
7.    10000 a knife-scarred pale oak work table
8.    20000 a tile-topped chopping table
9.    30000 a circular redwood dining table
10.   30000 a scroll-edged ebony reading table

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