Merelew Updates

A few important things about the event:

1) The start time is listed as "12 noon". The start time was listed as such simply because that's the easiest time to pick on the quest setup page for any given day. Its the default. The actual OPENING TIME of the fest will be mid to late afternoon on Friday. There will be much fanfare so you'll know it's happening. I don't expect people to take off work and be sitting by their computer at 11:59 AM watching the second hand. We have to have our key people in place to get make sure all our bases are covered (more on "key people" in a minute...) and 12 noon isn't the best time for most of them (they have jobs).

2) The mini-quests...we've run into some snags with what we had planned and what we were able to finish. As a result, its likely that some of those things may not be ready on Friday, right when the dolphins drop you off. Please be patient, enjoy the fest, and enjoy how the "mini-quests" are worked into the whole event when you find them. There also won't be 10 or 20 of these things. There will be a couple, though. We've also come up with a couple of ideas for some simple quest/game type things that can be on-going to make up for the other stuff that isn't going to happen. In addition, it MAY be likely that the time you're available and the time we're available to start/monitor some of these games and mini-quests will coincide. I know for a fact one of the ones I'm doing requires my attendance, so if my schedule doesn't mesh with yours, please undestand. We're also hoping folks aren't expecting 10-person Taisidon-ettes when they hear "mini-quest" also. This is the first time we've tried to do some of these things, so our idea of a mini-quest and your idea of a mini-quest might be different. We do hope you enjoy what we have to offer, however.

3) Key people: I'm not sure if she'd want me to even say anything, but I'm going to anyway. Early this week SGM Danalae was put into the hospital. It's relatively minor stuff (I think...I'm no doctor), but it's definitely got her out of commission. As a key QCer and key technical GM, her absense has us scrambling a bit on the last minute stuff. Bear with us, but more importantly, keep her in your thoughts. Again, it's minor stuff, but good thoughts never hurt anyone.

Now...having said all that, if the "noon start time" and "mini-quests" were the only reason you signed up for this event and you purchased a deluxe ticket and feel ripped off, please contact and we'll add a credit to your account for the difference between a deluxe and basic ticket and make your deluxe ticket available to someone wanting to upgrade (there are lots of them). We want you to enjoy the event for what it is, not ignore what it is and focus on what you wished it would have been or think it could have been.

During and after the event, constructive criticism will be both expected and appreciated. Threads about how we suck and the event sucks will not be. Threads about how you are having the time of your life and never want to go back to the mainland will be a bonus. ;)